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Innovation is the core value in our business.

It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen. We understand in the printing industry, ideas can come from simple to complex concepts, from minimalist to extraordinary effects. The development step is the first to come and plays vital part in any successfully launched product. Therefore, this stage is considered as the most difficult part for any production. With us, it can be hassle-free for our clients, as our Innovation team is proud of taking good care of any inquiry from our clients, proposing them with the most cost-effective while ensuring the most outstanding effects on the products.

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We believe that seeing the packaging is the first step of the customer’s experience; what the customer sees on the shelf will set their expectations of the quality of the product that they will receive. This is why we are proud of our global reputation as a dynamic supplier, constantly increasing our capabilities in order to satisfy increasingly complex demands, while maintaining our leading quality.

Our expertise in printing and packaging means that we are able to meet your requirements from the design phase all the way through to the finished product. With our portfolio of machinery, we are able to keep our production internal from end to end, ensuring that we can meet the speed and quality expected from leading businesses.

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In manufacturing, quality improvement comes via from the prevention of any possible issue with the development of every product, continuously keeping our eyes on production processes, tracking with manufacturing standard, and last but not least, a systematic procedure throughout the business.

Our quality assurance system has been developing and continuing to improve daily along the business development. Quality is the main focus of every job; all of our staffs have this mindset.

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Keeping our customers satisfied and the costs under control, that is how Starprint’s logistics expertise can serve our clients.

Since 2001, Starprint has been developing a wide Supply Channel reaching many tough markets, not only Domestic but also International. Our professional Logistics team has years of experience to ensure that goods will sail smoothly through the complicated Vietnamese customs process. We can also handle the paperwork to export cargo to minimize “hundred” steps doing paper works time and keep the lowest freight handling for our customers.

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Our Clients

“It's been a pleasure working directly with StarPrint. We have put in place a project tracker that is shared between Crayola and StarPrint so we are both on the same page; this helps with the communication of all projects. All shipments have been on time and at cost. We look forward to continuing this good work with StarPrint. ”

Ms. Linda Farina
Crayola Procurement/Sourcing

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