Our Story

Through a chance meeting 55 years ago Prakob Taithongchai, a small print shop owner, stumbled into an opportunity to provide the packaging for Colgate as they expanded their horizons into Thailand. Since then, as the company he founded has been handed down through his family, the relationship with Colgate has gone from strength to strength and Starprint has built the trust of a growing list of partners as a reliable source of quality printing and packaging in south-east Asia.

In the year 2001, after the success of the metalized printed packaging in Thailand, Unilever worked with the eldest son of the family, Suthep, to expand the business and bring these capabilities into the Vietnamese market.

With the advantage of the competitive cost base, Starprint Vietnam has rapidly grown into one of the leading printers in Vietnam, with a community of over 1000 employees, 8 offset lithographic printing machines and an extensive array of finishing and assembly equipment over 26,000 m2 of operations.

We have always believed that the packaging of a product influences a critical stage in the consumer experience; what the customer sees on the shelf will frame their expectation of the quality of the product within. This is why Starprint has developed a wide range of in-house capabilities to maintain tight control, from beginning to end, of the final product presented to the customer. The reputation we have developed as a quality supplier stems from our long history of consistent output to match the high expectations of our customers.

If you are thinking of working together with us, you can find out more by getting in touch:

General inquiry: sales@starprintvn.com

For Packaging inquiry:

Tran Thi Tuyet Nhu (Wendy Tran)
Key Account Supervisor
T: 84-(0) 2513 936 921 - 29 Ext.: 245
M: +84 933 759 569

For Booking inquiry:

Dao Thu Huong (Alice)
S&M-Export Assistant Manager (Book)
T: 84-(0) 2513 936 921 - 29 Ext.: 149
M: +84 944 659 742

We’re conveniently located from the Tan Son Nhat airport and the Cat Lai shipping port:

From our factory – Cat Lai sea port: 60mins (32km)
From our factory - Tan Son Nhat Airport: 60mins (34km)

104/4-1, 2A Road, Amata Industrial Park,
Longbinh Ward, Bienhoa City,
Dongnai Province, Vietnam

We’re conveniently located from the Tan Son Nhat airport and the Cat Lai shipping port:

From our factory – Cat Lai sea port: 60mins (32km)
From our factory - Tan Son Nhat Airport: 60mins (34km)

Family Work Environment

On the path to build our business, building people always comes first. Our policies ensure every staff has their rights to work in an environment that not only bringing the right career path for their development, but also is a family working environment, where everyone is a part of a big family. Working at Starprint, the staffs can have a balanced work-life, knowledge and personal skills training, together with team building and annual travel trip activities.

As a result, our culture also helps encourage our staffs to passionately contribute to their jobs and support others. The more dedicated to the jobs our staffs are, the more satisfaction customers can have from our staffs’ great performance.

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For job inquiries, please contact: hr@starprintvn.com

Part of Society

As we continue to grow, Starprint's influence in our local community through the families we employ and the people we work with also expands. We take our responsibility in our community seriously and we work to build the quality of life for those around us.

By sharing our time and resources, we focus our support to the underprivileged youth of Vietnam. Through our charitable activities we work to give tools to empower their education and provide these children the opportunity to develop and explore their creativity.

CSR certificates

In order to protect the integrity of our customer’s brands, we have a duty to work with third party experts to ensure that we continue to maintain world class standards in the way that we do business.

In addition to the peace of mind these certificates give our partners, the relationships in order to improve the quality and safety of the working environment of our staff.