Starprint Vietnam provides a one stop solution for any paper-based packaging and publishing requirements. From structural design and materials advice through to packing and fulfillment, we are experts at working through your printing needs from end to end.

We believe that seeing the packaging is the first step of the customer’s experience; what the customer sees on the shelf will set their expectations of the quality of the product that they will receive. This is why we are proud of our global reputation as a dynamic supplier, constantly increasing our capabilities in order to satisfy increasingly complex demands, while maintaining our leading quality.

Our expertise in printing and packaging means that we are able to meet your requirements from the design phase all the way through to the finished product. With our portfolio of machinery, we are able to keep our production internal from end to end, ensuring that we can meet the speed and quality expected from leading businesses.   


Before an image is ready for the printer it must be converted into a format suitable for mass production. After coming out of the prepress department image characteristics such as layout and color will have been adjusted to ensure a perfect match between the design concept and the printed piece.

  • Artwork Processing
  • High Quality Inkjet proofer
  • Re-Flight Checking System
  • Computer to Plate Output


Offset printing provides the highest quality image reproduction available on the market. Every children’s book on the shelf of your local store was printed in offset because the saturated colors and authentic feel cannot be replicated by digital printing. Offset printing is typically the lowest per-unit cost option for medium to large print runs, which is why it is the first choice for most printing and packaging needs.

  • Paper slitting, trimming and separation
  • In-house Ink Kitchen for duplicating complex colors
  • 7-color print on conventional and UV printing presses
  • In-line UV & Aqueous Varnish Coating
  • Inkzone system to ensure a matching color



After coming through the press, the print is now ready to be customized to your specification. Whether you’re looking to catch your customer’s attention with a premium design, or strengthen the container to keep your product safe, we have the technology you need.

  • Blister Varnish Coating
  • Metallized, OPP and corrugated lamination
  • Spot UV
  • Hot Foil Stamping
  • Embossing
  • Die-Cut with Automated Stripping
  • Window Patching


Finally, here at Starprint Vietnam we host a full selection of automated, semi-automated and manual production lines to add the finishing touches as efficiently as possible before we deliver your finished goods to you. With our expertise we adapt our production line to meet requirements as complicated as you can imagine.

  • Folding & Gluing
  • Perfect & Saddle Stitch Book Binding
  • Rigid Box Construction
  • Book Assembly
  • Accessory Attachment
  • Product Fulfillment