Our Capabilities

Our full range of in house printing and converting technology, international standards for operational excellence and geographic cost advantage gives us our edge in the global market.

Here at Starprint, we believe that the packaging of a product influences a critical stage in the consumer experience; what the customer sees on the shelf will frame their expectation of the quality of the product within. This is why Starprint has developed a wide range of in-house capabilities to maintain tight control, from beginning to end, of the final product presented to the customer. The reputation we have developed as a quality supplier stems from our long history of consistent output to match the high expectations of our customers.

When working with Starprint, customers can take advantage of our expertise in every step in the process; from design, material acquisition, manufacturing through to distribution.

End-to-End Services

At Starprint Vietnam we are constantly generating ideas to bring smarter and more creative solutions to the customers we work with. In addition, we have a dedicated research and development team developing new techniques and materials in order to optimize our manufacturing process. Innovation is not only good for our business; it is key component of our sustainable development strategy, ensuring that we can continue leading the way in providing creative and high-end solutions. We do this to help clients satisfy the demands of a diverse and dynamic market and meet the expectations of today’s socially and environmentally conscious consumers.

The use of our newly developed sample making studio gives our in-house designers the flexibility to collaborate closely with marketing and design teams to bring new ideas to life quickly and efficiently.

Our innovation department consists of technically skilled engineers covering all aspects of printing and converting for the book and packaging business. Graphic design, packaging structure, book styles, metallic printing, hot stamping, embossing… are just some of the options which we adopt every day.

In order to provide our clients with the best service possible, our specialists offer a complete ‘turn-key’ project management service, including:

  • idea and concept development
  • proof of concept
  • prototypes
  • feasibility and testing
  • printing and converting

Our production team contains a selection of highly experienced printing specialists and technical engineers overseeing the general operational team. The comprehensive portfolio of machinery coupled with our expertise in printing and packaging opens the door to highly complex solutions, built up from the design phase through to the finished product.

Quality is the best business strategy that one company can do to keep the customers return. As the leading printer in the industry, we are proud to have a very strong QC and QA team whose expertise in printing and quality control allow them to handle the job. Moreover, Starprint invested to build our laboratory equipment to ensure all the requirements from clients can be checked and fulfilled.

To ensure characteristics of the materials meet our internal standards, the characteristics of semi-finished products and finished products meet the expectations of customers. Materials, semi-finished products and finished products are inspected by specialized equipment as:

Smoothness is very important in printing papers where it correlates well with ink consumption, halftone dot quality, and the overall finish of the printed work.

Stiffness is the measure of force required to bend a paper through a specified angle. Stiffness is an important property for box boards, corrugating medium and to certain extent for printing papers also. A lumpy and flimsy paper can cause feeding and delivery problems in larger sheet presses. A sheet that is too stiff will cause problems in copier machines where it must traverse over, under, and around feed rollers.

Moisture content is percentage of moisture (%) in paper/paperboard weight. The sample is drying in oven at 105 +/- 2 oC in 30 minutes. The standard procedures are laid out in TAPPI T 412 and ISO 287, SCAN P4.

Typical Moisture Values
Grade %
Newsprint 7.5 – 9.5
Office/ Business Paper 4 – 4.5
Marketing Wood Pulp 10
Printing Paper 6 – 7
Tissue 2 – 7
Accepted trade tolerance +/- 10%

Bursting strength tells how much pressure corrugated paper can tolerate before rupture. This property is important for corrugated boxes. Bursting strength is measured as the maximum hydrostatic pressure require d to rupture the sample by constantly increasing the pressure applied through a rubber diaphragm on 1.20 – inch diameter (30.5 mm) sample. The standards procedure is described in TAPPI T 403

Ring crush test (RCT) and Edge crush test (ECT)

The edgewise compression strength of corrugated board is the principal element in determining the dynamic compression strength of the container made from that board. Fiberboard shipping containers are frequently subjected to loads which are resisted by compression strength, making this property an important measure of the performance characteristics of corrugated board, and useful in controlling the manufacturing process and in measuring the quality of the finished product. Since edgewise compression strength can be estimated by a summation of the ring crush strengths of the liners and medium, this test becomes a useful one for the corrugated boxmaker. This test is performed according to ISO 12192 and TAPPI T 822.

The ability of a printing ink to resist discoloration and fading upon exposure to light or over time. Standard Test Method Ref. ASTM D4303 – 10(2016).

Blue wool scale Time to fade in the sun
1 1 - 2 weeks
2 2 -3 weeks
3 1 - 2 months
4 2 - 3 months
5 4 - 6 months
6 9 - 12 months
7 18 - 24 months
8 + 3 years
Source: Prismatic Inks (PTY LTD)

Chemical is added to packaging for many purposes. Most of them are controlled legally, therefore the quantity of these chemicals must be well controlled. To determine the quantity of these chemicals, Ultraviolet and visible (UV-Vis) absorption spectroscopy is the measurement of the attenuation of a beam of light after it passes through a sample or after reflection from a sample surface. Absorption measurements can be at a single wavelength or over an extended spectral range. UV/Vis spectroscopy is routinely used in analytical chemistry.

Abrasion/Rub test is a preferred one to determine the abrasion resistance of printed materials. The testing principle is to simulate normal stresses on printed surfaces. Standard method Ref. ASTM D5264 – 98.

This practice is applicable to labels, folding cartons, corrugated boxes, inserts, circulars, and other packaging materials having applied graphics on a flat substrate.

This practice also can be used to evaluate the relative abrasion resistance of printed inks, coatings, laminates, and substrates.

The machine gives to predict the ‘runability’ of a sample board or finished carton before committing valuable materials or machine time.

Board Stiffness and Crease Recovery are key characteristics that affect the running performance of cartons on high speed packaging machines.

To minimize the factors affecting the visual color assessment and adapt with Graphic Technology and Photography – Viewing conditions ISO 3664:2009 and GMI standard.

To measure – control – manage color characteristics as L*a*b, ∆E, Density, Dot gain, Contrast and minimize the factors affecting the visual color assessment from development to mass production.

And to comply with GMI standard and ISO 12647-2:2013.

To measure and control color characteristics in efficiency way, color characteristics as L*a*b, ∆E, Density, Dot gain, Contrast could be measured in one time of scan.

Our Certifications

Logistics involves balancing 2-month sourcing lead times with 2-week customer expectations: managing incoming materials with our dynamic production requirements and arranging the smooth transportation of our finished goods to every corner of the globe.

Ensuring that the millions of products we produce every week manage to arrive at our customers’ doorsteps in prime condition, in full quantity and exactly on time is thanks to the strength of our logistics team here at Starprint. We are fortunate to have developed our logistic system through working with high standard brands that required world-class standards, such as Unilever, Crayola, Walmart, etc.


SPV has connected to a network of selected delivery services to provide the fastest deliveries we can locally.


With customers in over a dozen countries, we take great care to find the most efficient delivery solutions to bring our shipments to their destinations as fast and cost effectively as possible.