4 Most Important Food Packaging Elements to The Shoppers

The food business in 2021 has developed enormously, enterprises will be attempting to go worldwide and increase their market. Businesses are branching out into new sectors to satisfy their customers’ taste senses. Millennials are curious about and eager to try new flavours and taste sensations. Increasing rivalry forces businesses to face cutthroat challenges in order to build their USP on food packaging as well as get a competitive advantage.

Food packaging design is a combination of science and art that enables companies to make significant changes in their packaging while maintaining food quality and freshness. From 60% to 70% of customers purchase a product based on its packaging design. Even if we go to the supermarket with a shopping list, we often buy food goods only because of their appealing  packaging. Therefore, when it comes to food package design, there are some aspects to consider:

1. Clear nutritional information

According to Lightspeed – a global e-commerce software provider, there are some things that a brand must disclose and include in food packaging design. Because food is something we eat, this piece of information is critical for the client to review before making a purchase choice.

clear nutritional information

The shelf life, nutritional information, ingredients, and other necessary information should all be listed on the box. Sensors that will notify clients about food shelf life and safety problems have been developed thanks to technological advancements. Through technology like QR codes, clean label projects are finding methods to imbibe quality information onto cleaner-looking packaging.

2. Resealable food packaging

The growth of eCommerce has affected every business, including the food packaging industry. Due to the pandemic, the market has been disrupted by the significant rise of online food retailers and shops. While food companies rush to adapt to new business models, the quest for more appropriate packaging options continues. Indeed, there is a growing need for high-quality bags and pouches that can either keep the freshness and flavour of food or withstand shipping and delivery.

resealable food packaging

The rise of eCommerce has opened up a slew of new possibilities, one of which is the resealable packaging. Consumers want the food purchased in a resealable bag so that they can make it last longer and taste better. They love how resealable packaging can keep their food fresh, preserving it and potentially extending its shelf life. People believe that reclosability affects the freshness of their food, even on goods that have a long shelf life without a closure, such as chocolate. Furthermore, resealable bags reduce waste. Resealable bags not only make less food waste in a home, but they can also reduce waste from secondary packagings like storage bags, foil, or plastic wrap.

3. Durable food packaging

As a business owner, you understand the significance of reaching your consumers where they are, and one way to do so is to package your products in a way that makes them easy to grab and enjoy. One of the primary elements you might need to consider when designing food packaging is durability. In fact, consumers value durable packaging because it is so easy to store, easy to open, and its ability to reuse.

durable food packaging

Packaging with durable materials is also more lightweight than rigid plastic or glass, making it a better alternative for on-the-go consumption. The unbreakable feature of these packages ensures that products are safe to handle and even when dropped, making them ideal for consumers to carry in their handbag, backpack, or even pocket.

4. Environmentally responsible

In the holistic approach, consumers are highly concerned about the drastic negative effects of different pollutants, global warming, waste, and many other societal concerns. These effects have a severe impact on not just the current generation, but also future generations. As a result, consumers support and prefer to buy brands whose packaging is either recyclable or composed of environmentally friendly materials derived from natural resources.

environmentally responsible

According to different global surveys, the demand for environmentally friendly and sustainable products is steadily increasing. This is a chance for brands to demonstrate their commitment to environmental stewardship. When it comes to purchasing selections, consumers usually seek eco-friendly items. As people become more aware of the importance of green food packaging, more people are opting for it. Hence, becoming green will attract more new customers as well as enhance your brand’s awareness. If the product is eco-friendly, the colours should be earthy and natural, and the pictures should convey wellbeing.

Bottom Line

Packaging design must not only effectively and safely hold food and products, but it also includes essential elements such as ingredient and nutritional information, barcodes, and other important aspects. Simultaneously, it must appeal to customers, frequently in the face of hundreds of rival products. Because food packaging plays an important role in the marketing strategy, it should never be overlooked. Whether sold online or in physical retail shops, brands that guarantee their packaging meets all of the key features consumers expect from packaging designs get an advantage over their competition.

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