“Unveiling” the Excellent Advantages of Coated Paper in Printing Packaging

Currently, there are many different types of paper on the market, ranging on texture and color. However, printing paper is also divided into two types: Coated paper and Uncoated paper. In this article, we will “unveil” the excellent advantages of coated paper in printing packaging to help you better understand coated paper and make the right decision on paper materials.

1. What is Coated Paper?

Coated paper is a kind of paper stock with a matte or glossy finish. The coating fills small hole on the surface and holes between the paper fibers, resulting in a smooth paper background.

what is coated paper

Coated paper is typically coated on both sides; however, certain coated paper kinds are only coated on one side. You may choose one or two-sided coated paper depending on your needs.

There are some common types of coated paper we can recommend to you, comprising:

– Couche paper

– Bristol paper

– Ivory paper

– Crystal paper

– Duplex paper, and so on.

2. Moisture-proof, water-proof and dust-proof

The ability to restrict dirt, moisture and water is the first excellent advantage of coated paper. Therefore, this benefit help increase the durability of the paper background.

moisture proof - water proof - dust proof

3. High durability, excellent ink holdout

The coating on the paper maintains the surface clean, smooth, and durable. Furthermore, coated paper produces a bright, crisp image with a lot of contrast between the printed images.

Advantages of Coated paper 1

Its coated surface offers an excellent vehicle for images. You can see all of the small details with high contrast between the printed region and the white space.

4. Eco-friendly

Coated paper products may be recyclable, so they are environmentally friendly and less harmful to human health.

eco friendly

5. Wide range of applications

The last advantages of coated paper is that it is used in a variety of fields, such as decorating, packaging, and interior design.

Advantages of Coated paper 4

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