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Heartfelt Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Beloved

heartfelt Christmas gift ideas

Dong…ding…dong…! Do you hear that sound? The sound of Santa’s Sleigh Bells. Yes, Christmas is coming to town. It is the best and the most wonderful time of the year with lightning decorating, colorful presents and many attractive activities. One of these is giving Christmas gifts to our loved ones. On Christmas Eve, people often […]

The Benefits of BRC-certified Packaging

brc-certified packaging

Product safety is becoming increasingly important. Consumers and authorities demand that the product we use should be high-quality and safe. Therefore, if an undesirable issue occurs, the root cause must be determined as quickly as possible, and the problem must be remedied. That is the reason why the BRC standard was created. This article will […]

How does Structural Design Impact Packaging?

packaging structural design

A long time ago, marketers usually used TV, radio, newspaper, and print campaigns to increase brands’ market position. Although time changes, customers have shifted, product packaging continues to be one of the most powerful and cost-effective ways to convey a brand’s story. Brands can expand, get noticed, and do a lot more with structural design […]

Things You should Know when Designing and Printing Apparel Packaging

apparel box packaging

Consider what you notice first when you enter a store. Certain things may likely catch your eye more than others, depending on what you are looking for. With the increase in e-purchasing, it is important to consider how you design your apparel packaging and showcase your items. You must decide on two things when it […]

What does Starprint do when Detecting F0 at Our Factory?

detecting F0 at factory

Following the guidances of Bien Hoa Center for Disease Control (Bien Hoa CDC) on preventing large-scale infections and disruptions to manufacturing, Starprint Vietnam (SPV) has actively localised the potential source of infection to ensure workers’ safety and stabilise production at the company. So, what does SPV do when detecting F0 at our factory? Let’s check […]

What is a “FSC Certificated Forest”?

FSC certificated forest

The WWF Forest Certification Assessment Tool has rated FSC as the forest certification scheme that best meets the WWF’s standards (CAT). FSC Certification is one such certification that is given to business owners who can comply with the requirements laid down by the FSC’s standards. So what is FSC? How many types of FSC certifications […]

The Latest Trends in Food Packaging Design

latest trend food packaging

Food packaging has a significant impact on customer behaviour, including who buys it, when, where, and why they buy it. Food packaging that is both functional and marketable is smart. Changing customer preferences has led to new trends and breakthroughs. Thanks to the advancement of technology, the food packaging business has seen some significant developments. […]

The Most Popular Finishing Effect

most popular finishing effect

It is needless to say that differentiating your product and brand amid a crowded marketplace of comparable alternatives is one of the most challenging tasks ever. While creating an impact on your product packaging or print solution requires a lot of research, planning, and execution, there are a few things you can do to increase […]

A New Normal Day at Our Beloved Company

new normal at starprint

When switching to 3 Green (“green” employees, “green” factories, and “green” house), Staprint has picked up our employees back to work, but still strictly follows prevention methods to ensure safety to our employees and production activities. Each member of Starprint Vietnam family also voluntarily complies and maintains 5K to contribute to protecting themselves and the […]

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