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Sustainability Trend in Paper Packaging Manufacture

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Sustainability, notably regulatory and public concerns about single-use packaging waste, is merging with other significant trends to drive big changes in consumer packaging, such as moving from unsustainable packaging to paper packaging. Companies and retailers in the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry are moving on this issue as well as taking proactive steps to either […]

Human of Starprint, July 2021 – IT Officer and Assembly Worker

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Starprint Vietnam gives its best every day and touches the lives of Vietnamese people. Starprint is the place where you can reach your full potential. We are proud to be a part of a winning team – caring leaders and progressive individuals.​ In the previous episodes, we introduced our team from the HR and R&D […]

The Most Attractive Custom Rigid Boxes Styles

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Online business trend is increasing. Similarly, the demand for custom rigid boxes is also increasing, it has become compulsory because it has an essential effect on the marketing strategy. Many businesses are using these boxes to advertise the true value of the products as well as to present their products and goods in the most […]

Enhance Customer Experience with Multiple Folding Carton Styles

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The box manufacturing business is a particularly creative one. You can select from a variety of folding carton styles in the market. However, if you are new to the packaging industry, it will be quite perplexing or difficult because there are various types of boxes.  But how do you know which box is suitable for […]

The Power of Inspiring Printed Packaging Designs

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The design trends of printed packaging constantly change to meet the different demands of consumers. If you desire to design the printed packaging for your products, consider these design trends. They may help your products stand out from the competitors’. In the pandemic time, we will see the explosion of e-commerce platforms and their importance […]

Things to Consider for Luxury Packaging in Coming Years

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Packaging is one of the most important but underrated components of most marketing campaigns. When thoroughly designed, a brand’s packaging may even surpass other forms of advertising. This is even more true for luxury packaging businesses because how your products are packaged is a part of your brand’s overall communication. If you’re thinking about using […]

Rigid Box: Comprehensive Communication Solution for Your Brand

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For the last few years, rigid box has been the talk of the town. The need for this type of box for the packaging of fragile and valuable items is particularly strong in the world. They are commonly used to protect luxury products such as liquor bottles, mooncakes, cosmetics, food, or gifts… The stiffness of […]

The Features of Printed Packaging that Attract Gen Y

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Gen Y, who was born from 1980 to 1994 is a group of customers with great purchasing power, becoming the top concern of many brands. To conquer this generation, brands need to understand the psychology and behavior of Gen Y to have an effective printed packaging identification strategy. If product marketers are interested in attracting […]

Human of Starprint – Senior Supervisor Structure Designer: The Joy from the Most Difficult Boxes


In this Human of Starprint ‘s episode, Let’s meet Mr. Dinh Hoang Vu, Senior Supervisor Structure Designer of Starprint Vietnam. He has been working in the company for 18 years, Vu always strives to research as well as develop new, creative structures that exceeds customer expectations. Whenever he meets a complex packaging requirement, he often […]

Human of Starprint – Mrs. Linda Le, HR Manager: 20 years journey


Let’s discover what Mrs. Linda Le, our HR Manager shares about human of Starprint from this quick & honest interview. She has accompanied Starprint Vietnam JSC for 20 years, since the beginning of its establishment.  Things you can find out in the video: 3 Adjectives to describe people at Starprint Tips to create a friendly […]

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