CASE STUDY 11: Starbucks Americano Corrugated Box

In 1971, three local merchants founded Starbucks to sell high-quality whole bean coffee. Their goal was to provide customers with high-quality coffee while simultaneously pursuing product innovation, retail expansion, and excellent customer service. In 2019, Nestlé launched a new range of coffee products under the Starbucks brand. The new line includes 24 items, including the first-ever Starbucks capsules created with proprietary Nespresso and Nescafé Dolce Gusto coffee and system technology. Starprint Vietnam is proud to be a reliable Packaging Supplier of the Starbucks House Blend 60 capsules – exclusive products for Japan market.

Client: Nestlé Vietnam

The Starbucks House Blend box is made of cardboard and cartons, providing excellent protection for a variety of items. Because the raw material required to manufacture a corrugated cardboard box is inexpensive and readily available, the package is very economical; as a result, this kind of box is both practical and cost-effective. Additionally, it is environmentally friendly because it is completely reusable and recyclable. The box can be folded up and packed away for reuse when needed.

E-flute paper for the Starbucks package

Moreover, we use E-flute for the Starbucks package to make the corrugated box light but resist and thin. E-flute has a reasonably flat surface, making it excellent for high-quality printing. This ultra-thin profile helps conserve storage space by reducing exterior box dimensions. It also offers the best crush resistance, making it ideal for holding 60 coffee capsules. Besides, the lid has a one-of-a-kind design, making it easy for users to open and close without affecting the form of the box.

Our Starprint team has applied the Spot Matt Water Base printing effect to the packaging to keep colours longer and dry more quickly. The matte finish provides the Starbucks Americano corrugated box with a softer appearance and a smoother feel because it is not as reflective as a glossy finish. Customers will feel the box is always clean and new, and they won’t have to deal with fingerprints or glare. The Spot Matt Water Base printing effect also gives the Starbucks package a high-end, luxury appearance.

spot matt water base silk screen silkscreen

It can be said that the Starbucks Americano corrugated box is the result of a flawless refining process, including ten stages of accomplishment and meticulous attention to detail. We chose the offset printing technique because it was the most cost-effective method for producing high-quality packages. Moreover, we made use of speciality inks that are specifically printed for the Starbucks corrugated box. These inks are designed to adhere to the substrate material directly, resulting in exceptionally tight adherence.

Being a strategic packaging partner of Nestlé, Starprint is completely honoured to have partly contributed to its products to reach the international market. The Starbucks Americano corrugated box will be a special and unique gift on any occasion for anyone, from friends to clients.


Size: L 185mm x W 121mm x H 275mm

Paper: E-flute Vinakraft

Print: Offset Printing

Effect: Spot Matt Water Base, Silkscreen

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