CASE STUDY 5: Nescafe Latte Almond

Client: Nestlé Vietnam

In September 2020, Nestlé Vietnam launched the new NESCAFÉ LATTE ALMOND MILK product line. Starprint Vietnam is proud to be trusted by Nestlé to become a packaging printing production partner, contributing to creating an attractive and interesting appearance for the product.

Different from the 3in1 instant Nescafe product that emphasizes the traditional coffee taste, the Nescafe Latte line aims to the modern spirit, with the Latte coffee flavor and nut milk according to the taste of young people. Starprint Vietnam’s mission is to convey the youthfulness, mild coffee flavor through the color and style of the coffee box.

In order to properly express the trendy healthy coffee taste, we have combined the CMYK and Pantone color formula, bringing fresh, gentle colors to the packaging. Natural ingredients such as almonds, coffee beans with harmonious colors help highlight the coffee latte cup so that users can feel the delicious taste in the box just by looking.

After printing, we use Spot Matt Water Based effect, Roller Embossing makes the surface of the box more luxurious, creating a sense of excitement for the buyer when touching the product box.

Besides the printing color, the convenient box texture is also an advantage that Starprint Vietnam wants to bring to the Nescafe Latte box product. We did folding, gluing, and applying the standard dimensions to a folding carton box product. The paper used to make the box is Ivory – a special paper suitable for techniques such as folding, embossing, and stamping, making the packaging more attractive. With the characteristic tough, porous, light, waterproof, resistance to light impact forces, the Ivory paper material makes the Nescafe Latte box packaging more sturdy, protecting the product from many external agents.

With its simple design and color, but its own boldness, Nescafe Latte has made the product special when placed with other coffee products on the shelf. This is also the factor that makes this product line more and more popular with Vietnamese people.


Size: L 160mm x W 152mm x H 55mm 

Paper: Ivory 

Print: Offset Printing

Color: CMYK, Pantone

Finishing Effects: Spot Matt Waterbased, Roller Embossing

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