CASE STUDY 8: Closeup White Attraction Natural Glow Folding Carton Box

Client: Unilever

At the beginning of 2018, Closeup launched a new line of products Closeup White Attraction Natural Glow White Coconut Teeth Fragrant. This is a tooth whitening product line with a breakthrough formula from coconut combined with cool mint. Especially active charcoal helps to remove stains, prevents tooth decay, neutralizes the pH in the mouth, enhances the health of teeth and gums.

With the advantages of natural ingredients, the ability to whiten teeth in just 2 weeks, Closeup toothpaste needs a packaging that can highlight its features. Unilever Group has selected Starprint as the strategic packaging supplier and printing unit for Closeup products.

Understanding the needs of clients as well as the innovative spirit of the product, the Starprint team has endeavored to research and implement the most advanced printing method on Closeup packaging. We use UV ink on metalized paper to create a silver, sparkling visual effect that shines like the whitening effect from activated carbon.

Not only is the vivid printing image, but Starprint also helps to highlight the product brand by embossing the logo and product message. We cover the entire packaging with UV Gloss: Both help creates an outstanding shine while increasing the protection of the box from many external factors such as water, light, temperature …

In 2018, Closeup became one of the most chosen toothpaste brands by Vietnamese consumers. To achieve the above results, besides product quality, attractive marketing strategy, the packaging is also one of the factors that help Closeup stand out on the shelf, promoting the ability to choose from users. Starprint is honored to have contributed a small part to Closeup’s success on the journey of conquering Vietnamese users.


Size: L 51 mm x W 41 mm x H 215mm

Paper: GB (FSC mix) 

Print: Offset Printing, UV ink 

Color: CMYK, Pantone

Effects: Spot Gloss UV, Laminate Metalized, Embossing, Primer Coating


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