CASE STUDY 9: King Coffee Weasel Premium Box

Client: King Coffee

At the end of 2017, King Coffee launched the premium coffee product line KING COFFEE WEASEL- The King of Coffee. This is a rare weasel coffee line that fully converges the quintessence of heaven and earth. Completely different from other ordinary coffees, KING COFFEE WEASEL is the result of a perfect refining process with 9 stages of feats and meticulousness to perfection.

The finest Arabica coffee beans undergo miraculous metabolism inside the stomachs of wild weasels. After being harvested, these coffee beans continue to be mixed and roasted with 6 types of precious stones and 13 special herbs according to a completely manual method.

With a sophisticated processing method and special flavor, KING COFFEE WEASEL needs a high-class packaging solution, commensurate with the quintessential values ​​​​that the product brings. King Coffee brand has chosen Starprint Vietnam as a printing and packaging partner for the premium mink coffee product line KING COFFEE WEASEL.

In order to fully honor the high-class value of KING COFFEE WEASEL, the team of Starprint experts has researched and brought the Rigid Box product with a unique design, applying many advanced effects.

We combine both glossy UV and matte UV coating methods to create an impressive surface for the KING COFFEE WEASEL box, helping users feel the luxury from the first touch. Embossing effects of weasel patterns, words, and symbols with metal coating help highlight the quintessential value of weasel coffee.

In terms of structure, Starprint offers a magnetic lid box solution, helping users to open and close easily. Inside the box, we add a round die-cut tray, covered with metallic luster that both supports and protects each round box and enhances the brand value.

After production, KING COFFEE WEASEL packaging boxes have accompanied the KING COFFEE brand to many parts of the world. Starprint is proud to help Vietnamese coffee products stand out, attracting the attention of international customers at first sight.


Size: L 418 mm x W 131 mm x H 58 mm

Paper: GA

Print: Offset Printing, Chipboard

Color: CMYK, Pantone

Effects: Pattern UV- Gloss UV, Pattern UV-Matt UV, Die-cut, Laminate Metalized, Embossing, Primer Coating


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