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CASE STUDY 11: Starbucks Americano Corrugated Box

starbucks corrugated box japan

In 1971, three local merchants founded Starbucks to sell high-quality whole bean coffee. Their goal was to provide customers with high-quality coffee while simultaneously pursuing product innovation, retail expansion, and excellent customer service. In 2019, Nestlé launched a new range of coffee products under the Starbucks brand. The new line includes 24 items, including the […]

CASE STUDY 10: Herb & Lou’s Cocktail Mixer Folding Carton Box

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In 2015, Herb & Lou’s launched their very first line of products named Herb & Lou’s Infused Cubes – For A Brilliantly Crafted Cocktail. This is a spirit cubes product with various natural ingredients from some of the best sources in the world, formulated to a concert one shot of any spirit choice into a […]

CASE STUDY 9: King Coffee Weasel Premium Box

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Client: King Coffee At the end of 2017, King Coffee launched the premium coffee product line KING COFFEE WEASEL- The King of Coffee. This is a rare weasel coffee line that fully converges the quintessence of heaven and earth. Completely different from other ordinary coffees, KING COFFEE WEASEL is the result of a perfect refining […]

CASE STUDY 8: Closeup White Attraction Natural Glow Folding Carton Box

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Client: Unilever At the beginning of 2018, Closeup launched a new line of products Closeup White Attraction Natural Glow White Coconut Teeth Fragrant. This is a tooth whitening product line with a breakthrough formula from coconut combined with cool mint. Especially active charcoal helps to remove stains, prevents tooth decay, neutralizes the pH in the […]

CASE STUDY 6: Fireball Heart-shape Rigid Box

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Client: WestRock Valentine’s Week 2020, the FireBall brand launched a unique gift box with a limited quantity in the US and Australian markets. Not flowers, chocolates, or lovely gifts, Fireball brings a passionate, unforgettable wine flavor to the recipient. With the unique gift, the new appearance of the packaging is also chosen to build this […]

CASE STUDY 5: Nescafe Latte Almond

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Client: Nestlé Vietnam In September 2020, Nestlé Vietnam launched the new NESCAFÉ LATTE ALMOND MILK product line. Starprint Vietnam is proud to be trusted by Nestlé to become a packaging printing production partner, contributing to creating an attractive and interesting appearance for the product. Different from the 3in1 instant Nescafe product that emphasizes the traditional […]

CASE STUDY 4: Crayola Art Case Frozen 2 Inspiration Set

Crayola Art Case Frozen 2 Inspiration Set

Client: Crayola By the end of 2019, to celebrate the release of Disney’s Frozen 2, Crayola has launched the Frozen 2 Inspiration Art Set. Starprint Vietnam is an all-in-one packaging and box maker. With Frozen 2 Inspiration Art Set, kids can color, decorate, and embellish Elsa, Anna, and Olaf coloring pages. In order to contribute […]

CASE STUDY 3: Starprint Vietnam Tet Gift Box 2021

Starprint Vietnam Tet Gift Box 2021 1

CLIENT: STARPRINT VIETNAM Before Tet 2021, Starprint Vietnam wishes to send gratitude gifts to our client. We have designed and made gift boxes bearing traditional identity to express our sincerity to partners. Developed from the Indochine concept, the Starprint Tet gift box easily captures the hearts of users at first sight with bright red, luxurious […]

CASE STUDY 1: Mondelez Kinh Do Mooncake 2020 Black & Gold 4 Cakes

Curri cular 1

CLIENT: Mondelez Kinh Đô FROM IDEA TO PRODUCT Mid-Autumn Festival 2020, Kinh Do Mondelez brand launches the premium mooncake product line: Golden Moon Black & Gold. To enhance the premium value of the product, the cake box is an important factor, making the first impression on customers. With extensive experience in packaging production, Starprint was […]

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