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Before being shipped, all Starprint packaging products are subject to strict quality assurance from the company’s quality standards. We make validation tests to ensure that the packaging does its job well in packaging, protecting the product according to customer requirements. Accompanying a quality assurance and with expertise in printing and packaging quality control, Starprint invests […]


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Starprint provides advanced printing and assembly solutions that are based on a strict quality management system. From the first idea to final delivery, all processes have been controlled, meet the requirements of the quality management system. With a professional model, Starprint has excellently surpassed international production standards, including:    ISO 9001:2015 G7 Master Facility ColorspaceISO 14001:2015ICTI […]


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Starprint fully equipped automatic, semi-automatic and manual production lines to perfect products before we deliver the finished products to you. With our expertise, we tailor our production lines to meet complex requirements. Folding & Gluing Perfect & Saddle Stitch Book Binding Rigid Box Construction Book Assembly Accessory Attachment Product Fulfillment SOLUTIONS TO PACKAGING With a […]


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After finishing the printing process, the printed sheet will be processed according to the customer’s technical standards. In response to increasing requirements from customers, Starprint constantly improves its professional capacity and invests in technology to catch up with the global packaging trend. We have combined our technology with our professional skills to create packaging products […]


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Among many printing solutions on the market today, offset printing brings the sharpest, comprehensive printing quality. This is the most affordable printing solution for medium to large volume orders. With these advantages, offset printing is always the first choice for most packaging printing needs. Starprint Vietnam with 20 years of experience in the field of […]


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Starprint is ready to bring accurate color solutions to meet the needs of customers. With modern equipment, experienced color management team, we are proud to achieve the G7 standard – the highest level in color calibration and printing control.  All processes and technologies are carefully calibrated, ensuring accurate and consistent color output: Ink is consistent […]


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Before an image is ready to be printed, it must be converted to a suitable format for mass production. Once processed in the Prepress Department, image characteristics such as composition and color will ensure a perfect match between the design concept and print. At the pre-production stage, Starprint technicians will perform the following steps: Processing […]


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Packaging is an important factor in the emotional connection between brands and consumers, motivating the purchasing potential. Understanding that, Starprint always strives to make a difference for each packaging model, maximizing the product value. With a team of experienced designers and developers, Starprint is ready to provide a wide range of solutions, from sketching to […]

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