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Fresh Vision: Thane Taithongchai, Deputy General Director of Starprint Vietnam

Born and raised in the UK, Thane Taithongchai had never really contemplated pursuing a career in Vietnam, but when the chance to join the US$36 million family printing business, Starprint Vietnam, came up, he heeded his instincts and seized the opportunity. Five years later and already General Director of the company, he has not looked […]

The Advantage of Paper Packaging

Nowadays, there are reasons why paper packaging is more widely used and accepted than plastic containers. Paper packaging is a naturally renewable, recyclable, and compostable material, it can also add value to packaging with the appearance of “naturalness” in an increasingly eco-conscious consumer market. In terms of shelf-appeal, the paper also provides an excellent printing […]

CASE STUDY 9: King Coffee Weasel Premium Box

Client: King Coffee At the end of 2017, King Coffee launched the premium coffee product line KING COFFEE WEASEL- The King of Coffee. This is a rare weasel coffee line that fully converges the quintessence of heaven and earth. Completely different from other ordinary coffees, KING COFFEE WEASEL is the result of a perfect refining […]

Enhance Your Brand By Creating Unboxing Experience

Creating memorable experiences for your audience is important for any business. No matter the company, big or small, you should always invest in the moments your audience interacts with your brand in person. In unboxing time, exciting or compelling packaging can leverage your brand to keep buyers engaged. 1.What is Unboxing? Unboxing is the simple […]

CASE STUDY 8: Closeup White Attraction Natural Glow Folding Carton Box

Client: Unilever At the beginning of 2018, Closeup launched a new line of products Closeup White Attraction Natural Glow White Coconut Teeth Fragrant. This is a tooth whitening product line with a breakthrough formula from coconut combined with cool mint. Especially active charcoal helps to remove stains, prevents tooth decay, neutralizes the pH in the […]

5 Ways You Can Create Affordable Luxury Packaging

Not only catering to the luxury and premium industries, but luxury packaging can also enhance your presentation and promotional needs in any industry. According to the publication “Private Label Buyer,” studies have shown that the appearance of packaging increases the chance of creating a better competitive advantage for your company. Many businesses prefer the option […]

CASE STUDY 7: Hanes Face Masks Folding Carton Packaging

Client: R-PAC VIET NAM, HANES In May 2020, in the wake of the COVID 19 epidemic, Hanes launched a product line of reusable fabric masks. To honor the value of this product, Hanes’s packaging is also focused on designing and manufacturing according to international standards. Hanes and its global partner R-Pac Vietnam have selected Starprint […]

CASE STUDY 6: Fireball Heart-shape Rigid Box

Client: WestRock Valentine’s Week 2020, the FireBall brand launched a unique gift box with a limited quantity in the US and Australian markets. Not flowers, chocolates, or lovely gifts, Fireball brings a passionate, unforgettable wine flavor to the recipient. With the unique gift, the new appearance of the packaging is also chosen to build this […]

CASE STUDY 5: Nescafe Latte Almond

Client: Nestlé Vietnam In September 2020, Nestlé Vietnam launched the new NESCAFÉ LATTE ALMOND MILK product line. Starprint Vietnam is proud to be trusted by Nestlé to become a packaging printing production partner, contributing to creating an attractive and interesting appearance for the product. Different from the 3in1 instant Nescafe product that emphasizes the traditional […]

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