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Which printing technology is the most popular currently?

printing technology

Printing is a process of reproducing text and images, usually using ink to print on paper using a printer. Hence, it is necessary to have different types of printing technology to meet the increasing demands of customers. Currently, there are many different printing technologies with different properties. Each printing technology is applied to specific industries […]

“Unveiling” the Excellent Advantages of Coated Paper in Printing Packaging


Currently, there are many different types of paper on the market, ranging on texture and color. However, printing paper is also divided into two types: Coated paper and Uncoated paper. In this article, we will “unveil” the excellent advantages of coated paper in printing packaging to help you better understand coated paper and make the […]

Top 4 Things To Consider When Sending Corporate Gift Boxes for Lunar New Year

Corporate gift boxes

Client appreciation is necessary, so giving corporate gift boxes for Lunar New Year is a must-do to show gratitude to them. Receivers can feel your heart and sincerity only by looking at the delicate designs of these gifts. If you’re uncertain about how to show respect for your valued customers this way, take a look […]

Colour Application in Packaging Design

Thumbnail colour psychology

Colour psychology is extremely important when it comes to advertising and retail sales. Consumers respond to package colour in a big manner, and it may either attract or repel them. The colours you choose on your package materials may make or break a product’s success, depending on the demographics of your target market. While colour […]

RCEP Agreement and its meaning to Vietnam’s food packaging industry

thmbnail rcep

What is RCEP Agreement? Why is it so meaningful to Vietnamese businesses, especially the food packaging industry? After 8 years of negotiations, 15 nations, including Vietnam, signed the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) on November 15. When it comes to agriculture and fishery, Vietnam can be one of the nations benefiting the most from the RCEP […]

The Benefits of BRC-certified Packaging

brc-certified packaging

Product safety is becoming increasingly important. Consumers and authorities demand that the product we use should be high-quality and safe. Therefore, if an undesirable issue occurs, the root cause must be determined as quickly as possible, and the problem must be remedied. That is the reason why the BRC standard was created. This article will […]

How does Structural Design Impact Packaging?

packaging structural design

A long time ago, marketers usually used TV, radio, newspaper, and print campaigns to increase brands’ market position. Although time changes, customers have shifted, product packaging continues to be one of the most powerful and cost-effective ways to convey a brand’s story. Brands can expand, get noticed, and do a lot more with structural design […]

Things You should Know when Designing and Printing Apparel Packaging

apparel box packaging

Consider what you notice first when you enter a store. Certain things may likely catch your eye more than others, depending on what you are looking for. With the increase in e-purchasing, it is important to consider how you design your apparel packaging and showcase your items. You must decide on two things when it […]

What is a “FSC Certificated Forest”?

FSC certificated forest

The WWF Forest Certification Assessment Tool has rated FSC as the forest certification scheme that best meets the WWF’s standards (CAT). FSC Certification is one such certification that is given to business owners who can comply with the requirements laid down by the FSC’s standards. So what is FSC? How many types of FSC certifications […]

The Most Popular Finishing Effect

most popular finishing effect

It is needless to say that differentiating your product and brand amid a crowded marketplace of comparable alternatives is one of the most challenging tasks ever. While creating an impact on your product packaging or print solution requires a lot of research, planning, and execution, there are a few things you can do to increase […]

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