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9 Eco-Friendly Packaging Alternatives for Your Business

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We all know how important it is to reduce our impact on the environment. Many businesses are now improvising with new ways of designing and producing their products, attempting to lessen their carbon and environmental footprint, while simultaneously saving on costs. The concept of “cradle-to-cradle” — taking responsibility for a product’s impact from the sourcing […]

CASE STUDY 1: Mondelez Kinh Do Mooncake 2020 Black & Gold 4 Cakes

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CLIENT: Mondelez Kinh Đô FROM IDEA TO PRODUCT Mid-Autumn Festival 2020, Kinh Do Mondelez brand launches the premium mooncake product line: Golden Moon Black & Gold. To enhance the premium value of the product, the cake box is an important factor, making the first impression on customers. With extensive experience in packaging production, Starprint was […]

Winning The High-end Customer’s Heart With The Luxury Packaging Design

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High-end shopping is always an experience when customers are paying for more than a product. With a good luxury packaging design, you could turn users into a sensual journey, appeal to them to the innate human desire for physical awareness.  What is Luxury Packaging  Luxury packaging is designed and manufactured for a luxury product. This […]

STARPRINT has achieved G7, a reputable global method of calibration and printing process control

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Facing the challenge of the difference between the colours of packaging from test prints to actual production prints (Proof to Press), between printers (Press to Press), Starprint has applied and achieved G7- Reputable method of colour control in the world. This certification contributes to the demonstration of Starprint’s capabilities and manufacturing innovations, helping to bring […]


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Nowadays, offset printing is a popular printing technique of the commercial printing industry. With many improvements in techniques, speed as well as beautiful durability of finished products, offset printing is used in printing packaging, printing magazines, newspapers … on a large scale. Are you ready with Starprint exploring deeply about offset printing techniques and the […]

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