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What does Starprint do when Detecting F0 at Our Factory?

detecting F0 at factory

Following the guidances of Bien Hoa Center for Disease Control (Bien Hoa CDC) on preventing large-scale infections and disruptions to manufacturing, Starprint Vietnam (SPV) has actively localised the potential source of infection to ensure workers’ safety and stabilise production at the company. So, what does SPV do when detecting F0 at our factory? Let’s check […]

A New Normal Day at Our Beloved Company

new normal at starprint

When switching to 3 Green (“green” employees, “green” factories, and “green” house), Staprint has picked up our employees back to work, but still strictly follows prevention methods to ensure safety to our employees and production activities. Each member of Starprint Vietnam family also voluntarily complies and maintains 5K to contribute to protecting themselves and the […]

How did Starprint Support to Employees Joining 3TC?

Nen Web Cover SPV benefits for 3T employees 1 min

Within more than 2.5 months of applying social distancing as Directive No.16 of the Prime Minister, the health and safety of employees is a priority at Starprint Vietnam. Looking back on the previous journey, Starprint is extremely grateful for all companions from our employees. Find out more about how Starprint supports employees joining 3TC*: (*) […]

Human of Starprint, July 2021 – IT Officer and Assembly Worker

Cover Compress 50 min

Starprint Vietnam gives its best every day and touches the lives of Vietnamese people. Starprint is the place where you can reach your full potential. We are proud to be a part of a winning team – caring leaders and progressive individuals.​ In the previous episodes, we introduced our team from the HR and R&D […]

Human of Starprint – Senior Supervisor Structure Designer: The Joy from the Most Difficult Boxes


In this Human of Starprint ‘s episode, Let’s meet Mr. Dinh Hoang Vu, Senior Supervisor Structure Designer of Starprint Vietnam. He has been working in the company for 18 years, Vu always strives to research as well as develop new, creative structures that exceeds customer expectations. Whenever he meets a complex packaging requirement, he often […]

Human of Starprint – Mrs. Linda Le, HR Manager: 20 years journey


Let’s discover what Mrs. Linda Le, our HR Manager shares about human of Starprint from this quick & honest interview. She has accompanied Starprint Vietnam JSC for 20 years, since the beginning of its establishment.  Things you can find out in the video: 3 Adjectives to describe people at Starprint Tips to create a friendly […]

Safety & Preventive Measures To Cope With Covid-19

Safety Preventive Measures min 1

As directed by the Prime Minister, as your safety and that of our employees are of utmost importance, Starprint Vietnam will apply safety and preventive measures to cope with Covid-19 as instructed by the Government. Therefore, from now, Starprint Vietnam encourages visitors, suppliers to follow these instructions when planning to visit us: Remote communication recomended […]

What is Special of Christmas Dat at Starprint Vietnam?

Exploring San Francisco YouTube Thumbnail

On December 24, 2020, all employees of Starprint Vietnam had an unexpected and joyful Christmas day. Santa Claus with a reindeer full of gifts appeared, walked around the company’s departments, bringing lots of emotions, laughter, and lots of delicious candies. Santa’s gift delivery trip, with the support of the support team members, started from the […]

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