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Enhance your brand with the advantages of a rigid box

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A rigid box, also known as a gift box, is highly favored to pack up high-end items or luxury products. It tend to get made with thick paperboard for the best product protection. For this reason, many businesses choose this type of packaging material for their delicately-designed items. These boxes will cast an outstanding impression […]

Understand RGB, CMYK & Lab Colour Modes in printing packaging paper

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In the process of designing and printing packaging paper, the use of colour serves a crucial part in determining the quality of the publications. The following article depicts the difference between RGB, CMYK, and Lab colour modes. Once using the correct mode in design, it’s easy to get the brand’s message and tone across. 1. […]

RCEP Agreement and its meaning to Vietnam’s food packaging industry

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What is RCEP Agreement? Why is it so meaningful to Vietnamese businesses, especially the food packaging industry? After 8 years of negotiations, 15 nations, including Vietnam, signed the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) on November 15. When it comes to agriculture and fishery, Vietnam can be one of the nations benefiting the most from the RCEP […]

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