Starprint is ready to bring accurate color solutions to meet the needs of customers. With modern equipment, experienced color management team, we are proud to achieve the G7 standard – the highest level in color calibration and printing control. 

All processes and technologies are carefully calibrated, ensuring accurate and consistent color output:

  • Ink is consistent between printing batches
  • Can be delivered in short notice
  • New color match with samples at one go


Our laboratory team can create standard inks and coatings that ensure color consistency across different materials and processes. With the color management system passed G7, we’re ready to handle your printing needs with quality control for specific printing goals.

Our specialists make further improvements to create inks, coatings and color mixing methods that respond to customer requirements even on new substrates in the shortest possible time.

Not stopping at the CMYK standard color system, Starprint specialists can create special custom colors or PMS (Pantone Matching System) colors that exceed the printing industry standards.

Our color management specialists take all the necessary measures to ensure consistency in the current printing process. At the same time, we are always preparing for future projects by recording and archiving LAB measurements, and the ink chroma along with the reflection curves of each packaging product, ensuring the client’s satisfaction with color management and printing services.

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