Enhance Your Brand By Creating Unboxing Experience

Creating memorable experiences for your audience is important for any business. No matter the company, big or small, you should always invest in the moments your audience interacts with your brand in person. In unboxing time, exciting or compelling packaging can leverage your brand to keep buyers engaged.

1.What is Unboxing?

Unboxing is the simple act of removing a new purchase from its box or packaging. Even if it’s a subconscious feeling, opening this new product brings feelings of joy. When a customer unboxes their new purchase, you’re appealing to their emotions instead of their logic

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Your packaging is telling a story with your brand – a story that the customer will want to tell their friends and continue to hear over and over again. Essentially, appealing packaging makes us happy, while unappealing packages do precisely the opposite.

Finally, unboxing can:

  • Helps your brand express itself.
  • Encourages customer loyalty.
  • Helps you gain social media exposure.

2. Simple and Effective Ways to Enhance the Unboxing Experience

2.1 Customize your packaging

A plain brown box is not the most exciting thing to see in the mail, but a unique box will leave an impression. You could do something as simple as print your logo on the box, or go as over the top as you want with a design. Make sure you stay within your branding guidelines so that your box is recognizable as your brand.


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Each brand has tailored its packaging to its target audience, turning the unboxing moment into an experience, rather than a moment of someone ripping into a box and immediately discarding it.

2.2 Take advantage of all of the senses

When someone is shopping in a physical store, they are able to pick an item up and experience it with most, if not all, of their senses. When you are in person, you can touch the item, you can see it first hand, you can even smell it if it’s a product such as perfume or a candle. You’re even probably hearing things such as music in the background.

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All of these things you are experiencing with each sense set the mood a little more. You don’t get even half of that when you are shopping online, meaning your customers are missing out on more than half of the experience of buying your product. It isn’t easy to replicate the experience of shopping in person in a box, but you can still make sure you appeal to more than one sense. Consider adding things such as candy (appealing to the sense of taste), or splurge on a fancy tissue paper that feels like silk to appeal to the sense of touch.

2.3 Add in the Value

Another effective, yet simple, addition to meaningful packaging is an insert. Inserts can cover a wide variety of items, including basic information about your company, discount codes, fun stickers, handwritten notes, or free samples. If you choose to include a printed insert, just ensure that its design is clean and appealing to the eye and that the information is concise and helpful to your customer. A discount code is an excellent option for an insert, as it assists in bringing your client back and costs you very little.

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A successful business is not only built on gaining new customers, but also keeping repeat ones. How you present your brand and your product during that last touchpoint is crucial to the lasting success of your business. Starprint Vietnam can provide a variety of solutions to enhance the unboxing experience of your brand through unique packaging.

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