Enhance your brand with the advantages of a rigid box

A rigid box, also known as a gift box, is highly favored to pack up high-end items or luxury products. It tend to get made with thick paperboard for the best product protection. For this reason, many businesses choose this type of packaging material for their delicately-designed items. These boxes will cast an outstanding impression on their audience through an elite look!

 1. Your rigid box brings the luxury touch & feel

Firstly, it is worth mentioning the aesthetic benefit, which brings a classy beauty to the gift box. Your products in a rigid box will release a more luxury feel and touch than ordinary paper boxes. Thus, they’re more suitable to give on formal occasions, requiring high status and significance.

Bring luxury touch and feel 1

Nowadays, many companies have chosen this type of packaging with the advantages of being neat, glittering, and luxurious. They would like to choose them for printing and designing high-end gifts to impress their customers and show appreciation to them.

2. Protect products inside during transporting

Rigid box with chipboard material features firmness and stability as compared to ordinary paper. Besides, these boxes all get manufactured according to the standard process, so they look square and sharp in every corner and detail.

Protect product inside 2

Therefore, a rigid box ensures safety during transportation, limiting damage to the products inside. In addition, its creative printed packaging will increase its durability and make it more difficult to tear than other normal packaging material.

3. High durability come to rescue

A poor-quality gift packaging won’t be durable enough to keep the entirety of the content inside. As a result, products get easily broken up and crushed when only covered by flimsy exteriors. There’s nothing to be anxious about since a rigid box with its super durability will come to the rescue.

Rigid box's high durability in look and material 3

Its paper lining will give a hand in maintaining the uniform look throughout the whole packaged box. Not only that, but rigid boxes can also balance beauty and durability, which makes them a popular option for luxury brands. And the rest of your job is to help your customers surpass expectations.

 4. Enhance the value of products inside with a rigid box

The way you present your products is important in how consumers are likely to perceive them. The decision of packaging items in a rigid box will immediately add to the value of the offerings. It makes your product look more luxurious and costly.

rigid box enhances value of products

Through the unboxing experience of the gift box, your customers can feel the materials and view the packaging closer. Understanding this, Starprint always thrives to offer the best possible finishing effects optimizing the value of products inside the packaging.

From die-cut, emboss/deboss, metalized to UV coatings, our customers can catch up with the global’s packaging trend. We also have different types of packaging materials for you to choose, such as rigid boxes, folding carton, corrugated boxes, and backer card, and carry bags.

As you see, a well-designed rigid box does not only look cool but it also boosts your brand’s value. So don’t mind taking this chance to make an authentic sense of the allure around the item.

Be sure to consider this type of packaging if you want to take it to the next level. Click here to have a look at our eye-catching coatings in rigid boxes, or contact us to have the most effective solutions for your packaging.

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