Colour Application in Packaging Design

Colour psychology is extremely important when it comes to advertising and retail sales. Consumers respond to package colour in a big manner, and it may either attract or repel them. The colours you choose on your package materials may make or break a product’s success, depending on the demographics of your target market.

While colour psychology isn’t quite magic, it may have a near-mystical influence on your target audience. A study has shown that nearly 85% of buyers choose a product based on its colour. As a result, selecting the appropriate colours to elicit the desired emotions is a delicate balancing act. This might provide stunning consequences if you do well. But which colours are appropriate for your packaging? Let Starprint help you find out in this article.

How colour psychology affects the shopping behavior

1. Red

As red represents liveliness, passion, and excitement, this colour will draw attention to your goods, stimulate the senses, and excite the potential buyer. Dark red is seen as professional and luxurious, while bright red is more dynamic and vibrant.

Colour psychology red 1

In addition, in Chinese culture, red is considered an auspicious colour that symbolises luck, vitality, and brightness. It was also believed to protect against evil. That is why most gift boxes or packaging for Lunar New Year are in red.

2. Yellow/Gold

Yellow symbolises unique thoughts and creativity since it is cheerful, optimistic, and uplifting to the spirits. When it comes to mentally engaging, yellow helps with decision-making; hence, it’s an excellent fit for crowded markets. Yellow signifies either a unique and inventive product or a low-cost, fun product.

Yellow colour in packaging 2

Thanks to its cheerful and happy spirit, this colour usually attracts children and young teenagers. Yellow is also associated with healthy drinks, such as teas because it is ideal for items that can cheer people up or offer health.

3. Green

Just like yellow, green packages are related to healthy products as well. Green is the go-to colour for businesses looking to include a healthy, natural element in their designs. It is the colour of growth, regeneration, and cleanliness.

Green in packaging design 3

Dark or olive greens are frequently used to promote health items and can assist express natural or organic origins for food products. Brighter and paler greens offer a bright, vivid quality that adds energy and vigour to various items.

4. Blue

Keep in mind that blue is the most popular tone among men and women. This makes blue the “safe” colour to choose; however, it might backfire, resulting in boring, predictable packaging. If you want to make your products stand out, pick the right blue packaging for your market and add several decorative textures and finishes.

Blue in packaging 4

Blue is also a versatile colour that may offer designs a sense of order and peace in various circumstances. Luxury or high-end packaging is frequently in blue. Blue has a more relaxing and fresh impact on viewers when compared to its colour opposite, like red. If customers seek things that can help them calm, blue will be a good choice.

5. Black

The use of black as the primary hue in your packaging conveys a high-end product identity. It also conjures up images of elegance, mystery, and sophistication. Furthermore, the combination of black and gold gives your product an expensive, elegant, and attractive appearance. Especially if you are a coffee brand, black will be the best choice.

Black colour psychology in packaging 5

Trung Nguyen Weasel is an example. The brand has used this palette to create a sense of exclusivity on its coffee gift box. The black background provides a sense of luxury, while yellow patterns and product information enhance a sense of class.

6. White

A white package will reflect your product’s simplicity. The cleanliness and purity of this colour provide for clear and succinct messages while also exuding tranquillity and calmness.

White colour psychology 6

For instance, toothpaste brands always highlight the whiteness and cleanliness of teeth by using white packaging. So if you intend to launch oral products, white is a wonderful choice to convey purity, cleanness, and simplicity.

The bottom line

Shape, materials, and texture are all important aspects of packaging design. But colours also play a huge role. A well-researched plan will alleviate any concerns you have about your branding and packaging. Assess what is currently being done in the market and your industry, and then start there. Decide which aspects will best showcase your ideals after you’ve defined them. You’ll be able to find the optimal mix for your brand this way.

Is there anything more you’d want to know about colours? Have you experimented with different package colours for your product? If you’re trying to figure out what colour to use, our Starprint can assist you in creating a stunning package design. You can contact us or check out our impressive paper packaging that we have done here.

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