How did Starprint Support to Employees Joining 3TC?

Within more than 2.5 months of applying social distancing as Directive No.16 of the Prime Minister, the health and safety of employees is a priority at Starprint Vietnam. Looking back on the previous journey, Starprint is extremely grateful for all companions from our employees.

Find out more about how Starprint supports employees joining 3TC*:

(*) 3TC means Stay – Manufacture – Testing at One Place

  • Testing organization for employees before and during their stay at the factories
  • Medical staffs responsible for the covid tests of employees weekly to ensure the maintenance of the “Green Zone” at the company.
  • An emergency medical station to support Starprint’s employees immediately whenever they have health problems.
  • 3 Nutritious meals daily, and special meals on weekends

covid test to ensure the maintenance of the "Green Zone" at the company

an emergency medical station to support employees when having health problems

  • Food kiosks organization for snack time
  • Setting up washing machines, bathrooms, hot and cold showers, etc.
  • Daily allowance to support 3TC employees
  • Sports and physical activities every day maintaining staffs’ health state.

food kiosks organization for snack time

 sports & physical activities maintaining health state

Don’t forget to take good care of yourself and your beloved ones. Together, we will overcome the Covid-19 pandemic. Discover Starprint’s schemes to cope with Covid-19 here.

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