Human of Starprint, July 2021 – IT Officer and Assembly Worker

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human of starprint, july 2021

In the previous episodes, we introduced our team from the HR and R&D departments. This month, let’s discover the pride of other important human of Starprint: Thanh Trung – an IT Officer and Tuyet Xuan – an Assembly Worker.

1. IT Officer – A secret hero behind the screen

The first character of the Human of Starprint today is from our IT Department. Doan Thanh Trung, Starprint Vietnam’s IT Officer has been working here for 5 years. He always strives to implement and maintains the best solutions for our website, ERP systems, as well as support all departments to troubleshoot technology issues. 

human of starprint - IT Officer, secret hero behind the screen

Data security and keyword rankings maintenance on google search engines are the biggest challenges to me at Starprint. I am also optimistic at work, looking at everything in a positive way to maintain work-life balance.” – Trung said.

2. Assembly Worker – The joy when working at Starprint

Le Tuyet Xuan, an Assembly worker, has been working at Starprint Vietnam for a year. She feels warm when working with everybody here, especially with the enthusiastic support from her colleagues and leaders.

assembly worker - the joy when working at Starprint

“The joys of every day working at Starprint are catching up and working with lovely colleagues.” – Xuan said. Besides, the company’s remuneration policy for employees is a reason for her to assure and stay with us.

How about yours? Let share us your pride at work. Shine your way at Starprint!

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