Human of Starprint – Senior Supervisor Structure Designer: The Joy from the Most Difficult Boxes

In this Human of Starprint ‘s episode, Let’s meet Mr. Dinh Hoang Vu, Senior Supervisor Structure Designer of Starprint Vietnam. He has been working in the company for 18 years, Vu always strives to research as well as develop new, creative structures that exceeds customer expectations.

human of starprint senior RD developer

Whenever he meets a complex packaging requirement, he often studies from designs overseas. After many trials, he and his team can come up with the best and most unique box structure solution for the customers.

“I’m so happy and enjoyable when creating many designs with various styles. In addition, I’m proud that I’m contributing to enrich packaging industry.” – Vu said.

That’s the pride of Vu. How about others? Find out more about Human of Starprint here.

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