Impressive Gift Boxes Alluring Women’s Hearts

Vietnamese Women’s Day on October 20th celebrated annually is a major breakthrough in establishing gender parity, it is also a day to highlight women’s significance to the upliftment of society in many crucial ways. In a way to honour and cherish women, it is equally important to express your gratitude toward them in the form of unique gifts.

Vietnamese Women’s Day is just around the corner, thus it is the best time to pick out the wide range of impressive gifts for your loved ones which can be found on many e-commerce websites as cost-effective sources. Scanning many such sites, you will find them in all categories: clothes, shoes, accessories, perfume, etc. So if you want a hand to help you out in picking up the right gifts for your lady friends or women in your family, check out the list below of the splendid gift boxes crushing women’s hearts.

1. Fragrance 

In any situation and at any age, a signature scent should be timeless and wearable, but finding the perfect perfume for your lady can be a tough challenge. Women who love to stand out with a unique scent will not be able to say no to a bottle or in some cases – a few bottles of perfume. Let us give you a hint: Dior’s fragrance castle-shaped box – packed neatly 5 perfume bottles conveyed 5 different characteristics of women will immensely please its recipient. You may want to check with your lady which scent she prefers for an easy pick or just plays safe with some of the classic perfumes that have been around for generations and stood the test of time as Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle Eau De Parfum Spray, Gucci’s Bloom Gocce di Fiori Eau de Toilette or Narciso Rodriguez’s For Her Eau de Parfum.

dior fragrance gift boxes

2. Premium Chocolate Gift Boxes

If you are looking for a quick gift, a box of chocolate will always do the trick. Even though it is an old standby choice – but that doesn’t mean it’s thoughtless. For this Vietnamese Women’s Day, consider something like a gourmet chocolate box that comes with various flavours to surprise your recipient with every bite she takes. And as long as you know where to look for the right one, you really can’t go wrong because: everyone likes chocolate and it’s easy to come by.

premium gift for women

3. Luxury Jewelry

Finding a perfect gift can be daunting, but let us tell you that classic jewelry is always a pleasure and never goes out of style (it’s called classic for a reason, right?). You can melt your receiver’s heart with a brilliant diamond ring from the famous Tiffany & Co, invest in a pair of sparkly diamond stud earrings, or send out a stunning gift of an elegant and timeless bracelet. Each is a classic  must-have present and will endure forever.

luxury jewelry

4. Flower Bouquet Gift Boxes

Nowadays, finding a florist who knows what to do with their wide variety of bouquets and floral arrangements has become much easier in urban life. Many know that each type of flower has its meaning, sending red roses or pink roses is a sign of love, sunflowers stand for loyalty (which is important for a long-distance relationship), peonies – the fluffy flowers – are commonly associated with romance, prosperity, and bashfulness; and in Greek myths, lilies symbolize rebirth and motherhood – which makes this flower a perfect gift for mothers. Choose a suitable box and meaningful type of flowers and let a skilled florist do his/her job, the recipient will definitely love this colorful and fragrant present from you.

flower bouquet gift

Soon the Vietnamese Women’s Day will come with the huge appreciation from family members to each other or from colleagues to colleagues. Thus it’s time to hurry to pick up the best gift boxes to send the expression messages to your loved ones. Starprint Vietnam wishes all women a Happy Women’s Day – you deserve all the happiness and smiles in this world. In particular, you can check up on our work in creating the multiple packages here or reach out to us to have the most effective packaging solutions for your products.

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