Nowadays, offset printing is a popular printing technique of the commercial printing industry. With many improvements in techniques, speed as well as beautiful durability of finished products, offset printing is used in printing packaging, printing magazines, newspapers … on a large scale.

Are you ready with Starprint exploring deeply about offset printing techniques and the special advantages of printing and packaging production?


Offset printing is a technique of indirectly printing through offset sheets (rubber sheets). Image will go with ink and pressed onto the rubber, then pressed this rubber piece onto the paper surface. Offset printing helps the printing surface to avoid getting water and color from ink.


High quality printing images

Sharp, clear and consistent print quality are the main advantages of offset printing. This printing technique can control the ink flow, making the ink to be spread evenly, avoiding too much or too little ink on the print.

Diverse printing on many materials

With high applicability, offset printing is able to print on many different surfaces. Not only paper, with offset printing technique, your images and designs can be printed on many materials such as leather, fabric, metal, wood, plastic, many paper materials … creating unique packaging and products in large quantities.

Print fastly with large numbers

While standard printers that only print with a certain amount, offset printing offers the advantage of large-scale printing. Offset printing has the ability to adjust the ink automatically, avoid interrupting printing, thereby speeding up printing.

Optimize cost with best printing quality

Offset printing with good print quality, competitive cost compared to other printing techniques. Print in more quantity, the lower the cost.

This printing technology also helps to control the number of prints on the machine without having to count each finished product, avoiding waste and redundancy.

With the advantages of flexibility, efficiency with optimal cost, offset printing is the first choice for printing, manufacturing bulk packaging. 

At Starprint, we provide offset printing solutions for your product.

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