Meaningful Gift Box for Your Parents on the Vu Lan Festival

There is a famous proverb that said: “Parents, they didn’t leave you when you were young. So don’t leave them when they are old”. This proverb has entered the subconscious of every Vietnamese for a very long time. But when it comes to adulthood, we become busier with jobs and our own family. Sometimes, we completely forget that our parents are still waiting for us to come back home. Let’s discover ideal gift box for your parents on Vu Lan Festival.

The annual Vu Lan festival is a wonderful chance to remind people of all ages about the importance of being filial to their grandparents and parents. Besides paying visits to parents or enjoying a warm family meal together, meaningful Vu Lan presents can demonstrate our heart and express our gratitude to parents for their nurture, which helps complete this pleasant day.

Are you looking for ideal gifts for your parents at the Vu Lan Ceremony? Here are 3 suggestions for you:

1. Health gift box

We know that a good gift lies in the heart and the material value of each present is not as meaningful as how we choose a gift to show our concern for parents. The best and most practical solution is to meet the health care and longevity needs of our parents. Prevention is better than cure. A health gift box that is meaningful and affordable is one of the most considerable gifts for the holiday.

health gift box

What is more meaningful than a health gift to give to your parents? It not only expresses your love and gratitude to your parents but also takes care of their health on your behalf. Health is the foundation for parents to have a happy and long life with their children and grandchildren. Besides, only when they are healthy will the children feel happy and have peace of mind. 

2. Practical gifts

What present to buy for parents on Vu Lan festival is a difficult question for most people. So why not try giving practical gifts like sports shoes or clothes? At every age, sports always play an essential role because it can improve health, especially for the elderly. Therefore, on this holiday, if your gift is a pair of running sneakers, then nothing can be more wonderful. Buy a high-quality shoe model so that they will become a friend to help protect and preserve your parents’ feet. 

practical gifts

Besides shoes, you can give your parents some new clothes. For dads, you can choose a shirt or collared t-shirt from well-known brands. For moms, you can purchase a middle-aged dress with a soft-colours neck scarf made of luxurious fabrics.

3. Jewellery gift box

Once you are having a hard time finding gifts for your parents, jewellery, namely bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings, and charms, will be the greatest and easiest suggestions for you. Jewellery is a gift with the meaning of preserving and honouring the beauty of women over time; hence, it is definitely a gift for mom on the Vu Lan occasion that cannot be ignored, right? Depending on the age of your parents, you can choose necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings made of gold, pearls, or maybe diamonds.

jewellery gift box

Still do not have ideas to buy a gift? Let’s try a genuine wristwatch. A wristwatch can help parents control their time, remind them to schedule appointments, measure their health and heart rate daily. Giving our parents a wristwatch is symbolic of giving them the gift of time. For luxury pieces, they can even be a smart investment because they value over time. Whether you intend to present an expensive wristwatch or not, unboxing one will make the receiver feel more special. Unlike bags or shoes, holding a tiny piece of luxury can instil confidence in your parents for the holiday ahead.

The Bottom Line

No need to be too fussy, just always bear in mind the Vu Lan occasion and give your parents a gift with a thank you card for their upbringing and sacrifices. That alone is enough to make parents moved to tears.

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