What is Special of Christmas Dat at Starprint Vietnam?

On December 24, 2020, all employees of Starprint Vietnam had an unexpected and joyful Christmas day. Santa Claus with a reindeer full of gifts appeared, walked around the company’s departments, bringing lots of emotions, laughter, and lots of delicious candies.

Santa’s gift delivery trip, with the support of the support team members, started from the office block, through each part of workshop 1 and went to workshop 2. To create a bustling atmosphere, In accordance with Christmas standards, Santa Claus has used the army of reindeer cars, big gift bags, jingle bells and sound speakers to play cheerful songs to every corner of the company.

Mr Tung, New Product Development Department, excitedly: “I feel very happy to help Santa deliver gifts to everyone. Next year, I look forward to participating ”.

Ms Huyen Trang, Human Resource room, shares: I think this is a cute and warm activity. With the enthusiasm of the members participating in this gift-giving activity, the company’s Christmas day becomes much more vibrant and joyful ”.

In the last working days of 2020, a few heartwarming moments such as gifts from Santa Claus have left a special mark on the hearts of Starprint staff.

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