Among many printing solutions on the market today, offset printing brings the sharpest, comprehensive printing quality. This is the most affordable printing solution for medium to large volume orders. With these advantages, offset printing is always the first choice for most packaging printing needs.

Starprint Vietnam with 20 years of experience in the field of offset printing, provides printing solutions with vivid and true colors in each packaging product. Our post-press printing steps include:

  • Paper slitting, trimming and separation
  • In-house Ink Kitchen for duplicating complex colors
  • 7-color print on conventional and UV printing presses
  • In-line UV & Aqueous Varnish Coating
  • Inkzone system to ensure a matching color


Our production team consists of printing specialists and experienced engineers selected to oversee the general operations team.

Starprint invests in a system of 7 high-quality printers that can meet large-capacity printing.

With comprehensive machinery capabilities combined with expertise in printing and packaging, Starprint is ready to deliver printing solutions of high complexity that exceed customer expectations.

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