We provide a full packaging service, the overall packaging production process to assemble a product or good into its final finished packaging. 

Co-Packing processes can be customized flexibility from simple to complex according to the product packaging’s specific scope, which varies significantly across the retail, commercial or trade industries. 

The outstanding advantages of Starprint Co-Packing 

  • Meet the demand for speciality equipment & labour force.
  • Respond to specific product packaging needs promptly.
  • Give product manufacturers great flexibility in defining the packaging process based on the needs of the product.

Direct delivery

We balance 2-month sourcing lead time with two weeks of customer expectations.
We take great care to find the most efficient delivery solutions to bring our shipments to their destinations as fast and cost-effectively as possible.
Every week, a million products at Starprint have arrived at our customers’ doorstep in prime condition, full quantity and precisely on time. 
We are fortunate to have developed our logistic system by working with high standard brands that required world-class standards, such as Unilever, Crayola, Walmart, etc.

Packaging development

Not only providing quality printing products, Starprint also brings effective printing solutions for customers. To accomplish this goal, we invest in and develop a comprehensive technical team.

The Research and Development team at Starprint develops new techniques and materials to optimize production processes, providing effective packaging solutions for customers.

The Quality Control and Management team has high expertise in printing and quality standards. They work closely to screen products and develop the best effective printing processes.

We promote creativity to meet the increasingly diverse and demanding needs of the market. At the same time, Starprint brings sustainable, environmentally friendly production solutions.


Your Strategic Partnerin Printed Packaging

With Starprint, the true quality comes from long-term values. Not stopping at good printing products, we strive to bring out superior printing solutions, in accordance with the specific needs of customers.Contact us to get the most effective printing and packaging solutions.