STARPRINT has achieved G7, a reputable global method of calibration and printing process control

Facing the challenge of the difference between the colours of packaging from test prints to actual production prints (Proof to Press), between printers (Press to Press), Starprint has applied and achieved G7- Reputable method of colour control in the world.

This certification contributes to the demonstration of Starprint’s capabilities and manufacturing innovations, helping to bring consistent, stable print quality with a large number of products.

About G7 – Calibration method and control printing process

The G7 method is a process used for visually accurate colour reproduction by emphasizing the incorporation of greyscale colour measurements between processes. G7 stands for grayscale plus seven colours: subtractive colours commonly used in printing (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black) and colours (Red, Green, and Blue). This method is used in many printing applications such as offset lithography because it uses a one-way neutral print density curve (NPDC) to match the neutral tone between two G7 calibrated printing systems.

Using the G7 method for print calibration is a manual and device-independent process. The G7 can be used for any printing device that enables operation with a raster image processor or computer so that plate curve information indicates how digital signals from images are printed with ink.

G7 Standard 

G7 Certifications are issued by IDEAlliance to facilities whose equipment and systems have been successfully calibrated to G7. G7 certificates must be renewed annually, and G7 expert support is required to guide print applicants through the G7 evaluation process. G7 experts, program training specialists and must pass a comprehensive G7 exam. Experts are extended every two years.

G7 grid

Starprint is proud to meet G7 standards

To fully meet the strict requirements of G7 standards, Starprint has reached certain quality in packaging printing and production:

People: Gathering experienced professionals, always doing their best to create synchronous, quality printing products.

Equipment: Modern, creating synchronization from sample product printing to mass production printing.

Technology: Always innovating, fully meeting the printing colour quality required by international customers

Raw materials: Always ensure the quality of paper and ink standards, creating the best quality packaging products.

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