The Advantages of Top Load Strength Tester in Laboratory

While some business owners are interested in the form, style, and colour of the packaging, most of them are concerned about how to deliver their products to the end-users unharmed. Many factors can affect the condition of the packaging and the product inside, everything from the packaging materials used, to regulations in the sales market and even the climate throughout a business’s supply chain. Pre-shipment inspection can help you assess both the product inside and the quality of the packaging. Let’s check out one of the equipment in the laboratory that is a must-have machine in any paper packaging company: the Top Load Strength Tester.

Businesses need precision with packaging inspection in qualified laboratories. A survey of 2,000 online shoppers found that one in ten people received items with damaged packaging. As a result, a laboratory must be equipped with numerous types of equipment in order to ensure consistent quality control and help prevent product spoilage. 

laboratory equipment

What is a Top Load Strength Tester?

We often see cartons stacked in factories and warehouses to store, transport, and distribute orders. At times, a factory may have limited storage space and to save space they may inappropriately stack a lot of boxes on top of each other. Improper stacking can pressurize boxes in transit and cause them to collapse.  Therefore, Box Compression Tester is professionally used to test the compression resistance property of carton boxes, corrugated boxes, honeycomb cardboard boxes, and other packaging. It is also applicable to container compression tests of the plastic buckets (edible oil, mineral water), fiber drums, cartons, paper, cans; container barrels (IBC barrels). Thereby minimizing the possibility of damage to the packaging and its contents.

The rating scale of Top Load Tester in laboratory

Based on the standard given by each brand along with the basic parameter system available on the machine, the parameters will be pre-set including Pre Pressure, End Percent, Return Way, Speed, and Pre Def. After the results are obtained, all data should be recorded and evaluated in a form given by QA Final (Quality Assurance Final). The rating scale is as follows:

  • 100% of samples meet the standard: PASS
  • Found 1 or more samples that do not meet the standard: FAIL

top load box compression

Once the brand’s item gets evaluated from this test, QA Final sends out the evaluation form to other departments to proceed next steps as well as input the data for saving and fill in the Certificate Of Analysis (COA) upon shipment.

At Starprint Vietnam, we use Top Load Strength Tester for several detergent paper packages. Due to the heaviness of the products inside, the boxes can be stacked when displayed. This equipment not only helps to ensure that these boxes will not be collapsed, which causes glue leaks but also helps prevent powder from being spilt out. Otherwise, this method does not affect the product’s appearance.

detergent paper packaging display

The bottom line

Top load strength tests need to be performed so that they are representative of the packaging as it is used. At Starprint Vietnam, we ensure quality control in every production stage. If you want to turn your brilliant ideas into premium quality products, start to check out our work here or leave a message here so we could make that come true.

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