The Importance of GMI Certification for Packaged Products

Understanding certification is a packing vendors’ prerequisite. Many printing professionals notice that customers want documented evidence that they have achieved the highest standards of performance. Starprint Vietnam is proud to be among the Vietnamese printing and packaging manufacturers excellently surpassed the GMI (Graphic Measures International) Certification, a credential developed from the standards included in the ISO 12467 – the company’s certification is recognized worldwide as a recognition of an agency’s commitment to excellence standards and consistency.

1. What is a certificate of Graphic Measures International?

Graphic Measures International (GMI) certification is a method that holds packaging vendors accountable for the color standards of established brands. GMI sets the parameters for each metric that brands selected, those are the features of printing that they would like to monitor. Once a print job is in the process or complete, GMI tests printing specimens and assigns a score to each metric. Items outside of threshold earn points, which range from 0 to 3:

▪️ 0 is “no flaws”!

▪️ 1 and 2 indicate minor flaws.

▪️ 3 equals a significant inadequacy, which brings an automatic fail for the entire print job.

A print job that bumps up too many points; for instance, 18 to 21, is considered a failure and must be redone.

what is gmi

During the printing process, the printing professional directly sends specimens to GMI for testing. If they get through, the packaging gets created and sent to the brands. Once the brand’s items get in-store, GMI often follows up on their original testing by taking onsite measurements. That way, they ensure the final result maintains the premium consistency.

2. How to achieve GMI certification as a printing vendor? 

achieve GMI certificate

The certification process comprises of three primary steps:

Step 1: Self-Evaluation & Minimum Equipment Verification

GMI wants to know whether the printing vendor meets its minimum equipment demand and capability level. Thus, an online self-appraisal from the printing supplier is sent, once the applicant meets the minimum standards, they will make an invoice for credential fees.

Step 2: Certification Payment & The Print Test Kit

After receiving the payment, GMI releases a print test kit to the applicant. This kit evaluates the printing packaging supplier’s ability to produce a set of printing plates that meet established demands, capacity to print per the program specifications, and talent to match the provided examples.

Step 3: Onsite Consultation

If applicable, the printing supplier will be notified to schedule an onsite consultation and be provided with proper documentation to aid in audit preparation. The onsite consultation is a full-day visit from the Certification Engineers that evaluate the supplier in four critical areas of manufacturing – Prepress, Plate Making, Printing Press, and Post Press.

3. How to maintain this certification?

Even if the printing supplier is GMI certificated, the job now is maintaining it. Printing supplier receives a supplier score calculated based on the number of passed sample evals divided by the total number of evals completed. 

maintain certificate of Graphic Measures International

▪️ Platinum and Gold

High-performance printed packaging supplier – Consistent history of high performance (supplier score > 90%)

▪️ Gold and Silver

Printing supplier in good standing – Consistent history of acceptable performance (supplier score 80-89%)

▪️ Bronze

Printed packaging supplier with a performance history under review of below-average performance (supplier score 79% or below)

GMI takes the role of a neutral, third-party proponent for brands that want to be sure of working with the most qualified packaging suppliers. GMI standard reports each aspect of a print job, including paper, inks, color, cut, fold, and even toxicity. 

starprint achieved gmi in 2016

Starprint is GMI certificated and has over 50 years of printing experience. With that being said, we confidently say that we can make your product’s packaging exceed expectations. If you want to learn more about other certificates in the printing industry, feel free to contact us or whether you want to see our work, click here for further details.

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