The Latest Trends in Food Packaging Design

Food packaging has a significant impact on customer behaviour, including who buys it, when, where, and why they buy it. Food packaging that is both functional and marketable is smart. Changing customer preferences has led to new trends and breakthroughs.

Thanks to the advancement of technology, the food packaging business has seen some significant developments. Design is getting more cutting-edge, and package testing techniques have vastly improved. Knowing the newest food packaging trends will assist you in selecting the best packaging for your items. How do you choose the most appropriate design for your product? Let’s take a look at some of the most recent food packaging trends to be aware of in this article.

1. Technology integrated (QR Code)

Food packaging that incorporates cutting-edge technology will give consumers additional information about a product as well as a method to engage with your business. A QR code printed on packaging may be enough. Scanning it with a smartphone directs the user to a page containing product components, preparation instructions, and more. We all want to know exactly what we are eating when it comes to food. This is a quick way to obtain it.

technology enabled solution

To make your packaging more unique and outstanding, you can put a video QR code on your box that will take customers to a film describing your product’s production process. Or a website QR code that directs them to your website or company, allowing them to learn more about your organization. With such adaptable technology, there are various specialized QR code solutions for your needs.

2. Clear & transparent food packaging labels

Along with a smart QR code, several food businesses have expanded and cleaned the labelling itself, placing it right at the centre for consumers to view more easily. According to a 2020 study on packaging and consumer behaviour, there are 38% of customers willing to acquire a newly launched product with a clear and transparent product label. This means the more concerned consumers are with the ingredients used in food goods, the more desire for transparency from companies.

clear transparent label

Gaining customer trust may be difficult, but being clear and honest about what’s in a food product, its background, and expressing a degree of food safety can be a promising approach. If you’re a health-conscious company with a nutritious product, instead of hiding the ingredients in the tiny print, show it off so that everyone can read it easily. Healthy ingredients can work as keywords, capturing the attention of potential customers.

3. Increased mobility on food packaging

With increasingly hectic schedules, active lifestyles, and high expectations, consumers nowadays are searching for convenient and “on-the-go” food packaging to suit their snacking habits. And one of the most popular and trending developments is mobilizable packaging. Food packaging that is easy to carry can assist customers in making a choice, especially if it is something they can eat straight away.

increased mobility

Take an example. McDonald’s has a unique McBike package for bikers. In a foldable container that can be hooked to the handlebar, you can carry a burger, fries, and a drink along with you. Therefore, if you are targeting breakfast, lunch, or dinner customers, this might be a good method to garner more attention and sales.

4. Emphasis on sustainability

In recent years, food packaging has grown more environmentally friendly. Consumers who prefer products made from recycled materials usually regard packaging sustainability as a major priority. As a result, this forces big businesses to ditch single-use plastics in favour of biodegradable, recyclable, or reusable packaging as part of an effort to be more eco-friendly.

sustainability food packaging

Paper packaging is being used more than ever before. Plastic food boxes, for example, are being phased out in favour of biodegradable meal boxes. Additionally, a lot of studies are being done on edible food packaging, where the pack may be eaten as a part of the food. For increased sustainability, a number of start-ups have begun producing single-use food packaging and cutlery using plant-based materials.

Time to change with the new food packaging

If you are tending to launch a new product in 2022 or change the appearance of an existing product, pack it in one or more of today’s hottest trends. Buyers are thrilled about your product before they ever open it, so take advantage of the chance to impress them from the moment they see it.

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