The Most Attractive Custom Rigid Boxes Styles

Online business trend is increasing. Similarly, the demand for custom rigid boxes is also increasing, it has become compulsory because it has an essential effect on the marketing strategy. Many businesses are using these boxes to advertise the true value of the products as well as to present their products and goods in the most engaging, stylish manners. 

Every brand is different from its competitors, so there are tons of custom rigid boxes styles. Therefore, at Starprint Vietnam, we provide multiple sorts of these boxes with exclusive designs consistent with your business and product’s requirements. Some of the custom rigid box styles are mentioned below.

1. One-piece custom rigid boxes

One-piece rigid boxes at Starprint are manufactured with the highest quality of chipboard and typically come in a cubic, rectangular or oval shape. A custom one-piece rigid box can hold several items in custom groves explicitly designed to prevent fragile or luxury items from everyday dents and nicks.

one-piece custom rigid boxes

2. Book-style boxes

The structure of book-style rigid boxes is uncomplicated and powerful, but the way you personalise these boxes is on a whole different level. We offer high-quality printing and a large selection of custom options like foil stamping, gloss lamination, and inserts. Now, you can design your book-style custom packaging any way you like!

book-style boxes

3. Round shaped boxes

These custom rigid boxes are boxes with round shapes. We can call them hat boxes or cylindrical boxes. Typically, their structure consists of one piece of a hat on the top and one piece of the body on the bottom. We can adjust the body height depending on your requirements. These box structures are very traditional, commonly used for gift boxes, candle boxes, candy boxes, wedding boxes, etc.

round shaped boxes

4. Magnetic custom rigid boxes

Magnetic custom rigid boxes are perfect for product promotion as well as sending out gift items. The subtle look and finishing of those boxes make them preferable for business and personal usage. At Starprint, you can have them printed in your favorite shapes, sizes, and color schemes.

magnetic packaging

5. Lid-up boxes

The lid-up rigid boxes are made from two or three pieces of chipboard, base plus a lift-off lid. These boxes can be fully covered, half-covered, or partially covered. The base and top can have different printing content, and the interior can also be printed. Depending on your products’ requirements, you may need different tabs, handles, inserts, as well as finishing effects. There is no limit in applications, and you can custom these lid-up rigid boxes to pack your items with us.

lid-up boxes

6. Two-piece custom rigid boxes

The two-piece custom comprise two complete parts which completely cover the inner content. The most important part of this type of box design is how the two pieces match. The upper part must match seamlessly with the opposite piece, so the two should be removed hassle-free. The automatic machine at Starprint Vietnam can assist you to meet that requirement at ease.

two-piece custom rigid boxes

You can look over the rigid box packaging designs that we have made for several big brands right here or reach out to us to create impressive packaging that attract users.

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