The Power of Inspiring Printed Packaging Design (Part 2)

Following the creative wave of packaging design in the decade of 2020s, the designers are blowing life into printed packaging designs with a variety of materials, graphic elements and even colour palettes to help bring a sense of luxury, sophistication, and eye-catching, increasing the percentage of picking up your product with just a glance.

As the year 2021 draws to a close, raising the experience of in-house shopping during the pandemic, it’s the time of e-commerce. With that notice, Starprint Vietnam has worked closely with brands to apply the latest trends into every product packaging. Check out each of these exciting trends that will play an essential role in attracting any business’s potential customers.

1. Transformation printed packaging

Consumers will be overwhelmed with options and with so many brands and products out there. It will be even more challenging for brands to create something unique and meaningful that resonates with their customers. That’s why artful designs showing fascinating ideas like “transformation” are poised to be one of the biggest printed packaging trends recently. 

transformation printed packaging

Detailed illustrations that show different types of transformations can help brands to be memorable. These types of packaging not only tell the story of brands or products but also become art objects themselves.

2. Blurring styles 

The utilization of blurry colour splotches gives printed packaging a cool and edgy feel. This trend will take gradients to the next level, blurring the edges to create a more abstract look that will feel cutting-edge and design-forward in 2021. Also, expect designers to use a blur on their graphics, creating an abstract gradient effect that goes beyond colour, and will draw consumers in as they try to make out the image behind the blur. 

blurring styles packaging

Anyone as an art lover will certainly love these psychedelic colour effects. So far, this trend has been taken advantage of very well to deliver the most satisfied modern as well as freshen products to the recipients.

3. Cleanliness & Clarity printed packaging

There is something inherently satisfying about structure in design. It is not only visually appealing but also lends a sense of balance and order to design – which is why more neatly structured, ordered layouts are becoming a major trend in the packaging world. This packaging trend is all about the typography, or more accurately, about how it is used within the design. 

Cleanliness & Clarity printed packaging

Text, which is typically comprised of a variety of font combinations, is separated by clear lines that divide the space into neat and balanced spaces, making for easy readability as well as a sense of structure that appeals to consumers. It also allows designers to take a more minimalistic approach to the rest of the design.

4. Creative forms for traditional products 

These years, brands are expected to skip traditional constructive forms (such as original box or bottle) for more unique and out-of-the-box printed packaging ideas. The most effective use of this packaging trend will see brands using constructive forms as a way to strengthen their branding as well as tell their brand story. 

creative forms for traditional products 

Designers are always searching for new forms. Each year, we can see a lot of concepts that play with different forms of packages. But recently, there are many real projects which are already on shelves and show us new constructive forms for traditional products.

5. Transparency allowing colours to shine through

Many products, like beverages or skincare products, have a colour all of their own. Therefore, brands are expected to play off their product’s colour and incorporate it into their printed packaging design. Using transparent packaging that showcases a product’s colour may be a win-win. It allows brands to approach more to the design process as well as let their product take center stage, without sacrificing visual interest or impact with the ultimate packaging design. 

transparency allowing colour to shine through

In the upcoming years, more brands will experiment with transparency, layering design elements of transparent materials and using the product’s colour as a design feature to add contrast and make those elements pop once the brand’s product is poured into it.

Now that you know the trends that are set to dominate the printed packaging world in the upcoming years. All that’s left to do is embrace those trends and use them to take your packaging design to the next level. Our designers can create stand-out packaging designs just for you. Thus, don’t hesitate to check up on our packaging here or if you have any questions, you can reach out to us for more information.

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