The Power of Inspiring Printed Packaging Designs

The design trends of printed packaging constantly change to meet the different demands of consumers. If you desire to design the printed packaging for your products, consider these design trends. They may help your products stand out from the competitors’.

In the pandemic time, we will see the explosion of e-commerce platforms and their importance to daily life. Let’s find out more with Starprint Vietnam about printed packaging design trends that will affect your company business.

1. Storytelling printed packaging

For the next few years, brands will need more than well-designed printed packaging to make an impact. If brands want to connect with their customers, they will need to take their packaging to tell their brand’s story.

storytelling printed packaging

While it is important for all brands to take advantage of this packaging trend, it is really important for products that are sold primarily online. Because customers can not see, feel or touch your luxury products, as usual, brands need to leverage everything available to tell their brand’s story as well as build a connection with their audiences, starting with their packaging.

2. Retro vibes

Classically inspired packaging has been up to date for a long time, but the fact that the entire product experience takes you back to the ‘80s from the packaging design to product unboxing.

retro vibes boxes

You will see printed packaging take a very retro look and take things further by creating an entire user experience. It is not just a logo or a label, this trend also embraces the entire brand experience using classically inspired textures such as lids, materials, outer packaging, and funny retro visual choices.

3. Meticulously detailed packaging

Besides minimalist packaging trends, many experts predict an economic downturn in 2021, caused by the epidemic, more consumers will prefer a sense of luxury and extravagance in their products because the economy may prevent other high-end experiences, like luxury vacations. That’s why maximalism in printed packaging design is ready to be the upcoming year’s trend.

meticulously detailed packaging

Consumers search for more of a luxury experience with their products nowadays. Therefore, brands can start to experiment with package design styles that communicate high-end experiences as well as focus on meticulous details. Consumers will expect detailed designs, deeper color palettes, and more highlight patterns.

4. Eco-friendly printed packaging

People are changing their life to an eco-friendlier way, and it is no different in the packaging industry. Consumers are aware of what they are purchasing as well as the degree of sustainability through each of their purchasing choices.

eco-friendly packaging

This may be shown not only by using recyclable packaging but also by using eco-friendly materials. Then, something must change regarding plastics and non-recyclable materials usage.

Therefore, the main target of eco-friendly and sustainable printed packaging will become more and more accessible through everyday products. This switch to sustainable packaging matches the consumers’ demands for an increasingly eco-friendly lifestyle, as individuals wish to reduce their negative impact on the environment.

5. Natural & earthy pastels

As mentioned, taking a more eco-friendly approach to printed packaging is going to be one of the biggest trends in 2021. But the earth-inspired trend is expected to extend both materials and directly into the colors brands choices to combine with the brand’s color palettes.

natural & earthy pastels

Brands are looking for more subtle and earthy tones for their products, especially in the organic food and beauty industry. Therefore, low saturated green tones, blue colors, and brown palettes are trendy in this sector. Natural tones have become a trend for organic companies for years, so more consumers focus on buying products from eco-friendly packaging. That’s why brands start to embrace earth-inspired color palettes in 2021.

6. Holographic effects

One of the biggest packaging design trends is a play-off of gradients, and that’s holographic effects on printed packaging. This is all about the glamorous effect of shiny, multi-colored metallics that brands combine with cool graphics and black or white background.

holographic effects box

Customers can expect to see more sparkling pastels and holographic effects in 2021. This packaging trend can bring a feeling of passion to these youthful designs.

Check out the printed packaging designs that Starprint Vietnam has done for many common brands right here or if you have any questions, you can reach out to us for more information.

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