Things You should Know when Designing and Printing Apparel Packaging

Consider what you notice first when you enter a store. Certain things may likely catch your eye more than others, depending on what you are looking for. With the increase in e-purchasing, it is important to consider how you design your apparel packaging and showcase your items.

You must decide on two things when it comes to fashion product packaging: packaging design and practicality. These two features have been increasingly significant as more and more people purchase online and the “unboxing” trends become more popular than ever before. Packaging provides all fashion businesses, particularly online-only fashion brands, with a powerful chance to make a one-of-a-kind, curated, and positive impression on their clients. Let’s take a look at what you should consider when designing and printing apparel packaging.

1. Thickness

When printing an apparel packaging, the material and thickness of the paper used to make the box must be taken into consideration. It is vital to carefully assess the best method for preserving clothes, particularly high-end and expensive clothes.

apparel box thickness

2. Colours of apparel packaging

The brand’s message is expressed through the colour of the apparel box. Therefore, you should use paper boxes for clothes with complementary colours and stay current with fashion trends. This will assist in enhancing product value and display the greatest fashion style.

box colours

The legendary Hermès orange box is a great example of that a packaging can increase brand awareness. If you’re selling children’s apparel, you can go for a bright colour. On the other hand, a retro-chic colour would be perfect for the outfits available for adults.

3. Brand name and logo (brand identity)

It is vital that your packaging should also be in line with your company’s image. The brand name and logo must be printed clearly and forcefully to create an impression on clients. Hence, before printing an apparel packaging, think about how you would like to use your logo, brand name, and colour palette.

brand name logo

4. Apparel packaging’s materials / substrates

This is perhaps the most crucial aspect of apparel packaging to consider. The apparel packaging must have the correct size to make clothes not wrinkled when delivery. Ivory 300, 3-layer carton and cold carton are the three major materials used in a typical paper box for clothes.

  • Ivory 300-350gsm paper is commonly used for yin and yang boxes. 
  • A 3-layer carton is usually used according to gift box folding specifications.
  • A cold carton is used based on yin and yang box specifications.

materials substrates

A robust and gorgeous apparel packaging will directly influence a customer’s initial impression of your product; therefore, you should complete this stage in a professional way.

Final Words

As online purchasing continues to expand, packaging will play a critical role in the customer experience. Fashion brands should analyze how to enhance their clothes packaging design and functionality in order to differentiate themselves from the competition and provide a positive client experience. 

Even while these nuances may seem insignificant or unnoticeable in the larger scheme of things, paying attention to them may boost your company’s reputation, sales, favourable reviews as well as returning consumers.

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