Top 4 Things To Consider When Sending Corporate Gift Boxes for Lunar New Year

Client appreciation is necessary, so giving corporate gift boxes for Lunar New Year is a must-do to show gratitude to them. Receivers can feel your heart and sincerity only by looking at the delicate designs of these gifts. If you’re uncertain about how to show respect for your valued customers this way, take a look at our list of 4 things to consider when sending corporate gift boxes now!

1. Choose the right gift boxes that fit businesses

The big secret to making your company top of mind throughout the year is to pick the right gift boxes. Go to wow CEOs, executives, board members, VIP clients, and those with suitable ones matching their status! Make any of them feel like a superstar or on top of the list with your luxury gift box.

Gift boxes 1

Besides, unlike regular partners, VIP customers can receive more special Tet gifts or care policies. Doing so helps them stand out from the sea of cookie-cutter ones everyone tends to have during the holiday season. Wait no more, but start planning right away and let them talk about you this season!

2. Do not pick corporate gifts just because they look great

Instead, think of the value your company has to put on those lovely and thoughtful gift boxes. For businesses, selecting a delicate box design will make a good impression on clients. But not merely in the gift’s look and style, you need to communicate the brand message through it.

On busy days of the New Year, it’s essential to find boxes having colors of joy, luck, and prosperity! And only the right choices can have enough power to maintain brand loyalty. These gifts will remind the clients several times that you care about setting up a long-term relationship of trust.

3. The timing of a Tet gift box is as important as what you give

Setting up a corporate gifting tactic to deliver graceful gifts to customers during key moments could be highly appreciated. When you do so, they have a chance to stand out and never get lost in the pile at the end of the year.

Gift boxes 2

However, bear in mind that businesses won’t be willing to receive gifts as always. Pay close attention to the time of gifting. Let’s arrange an appointment beforehand, in the right place on the occasion of the New Year. Then do not forget to give your gifts with the most professional attitude. Nobody denies that goodwill and confidence from you!

4. The value of corporate gift boxes

Sure enough, most corporate programs tend to appeal to a great number of clients as you determine to offer different items and box options at various price points. However, only your VIP clients are those you need to make a great impression with more special and higher-quality gift boxes.

Gift boxes 3

These gifts are the hits since they can help express your appreciation and show how much you truly care about the clients. Do not be shy to turn that moment into something they remember for long.

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