Unique Christmas gift box decorating ideas

This time of the year has become known as the “holiday season” with many holidays focused on gift-giving and fun. In recent years, not just in Western cultures but numerous other countries all around the world, Christmas has gradually become a great holiday when people rush to pick out presents for their loved ones and friends. Who does not love to see a smiling face when someone unwrapping a gift and is satisfied that it is exactly what they wanted?

For many of us, wrapping some gifts by ourselves, putting them under a big tree on Christmas Eve so your family members can wake up to a pile of colorful presents is a pleasure moment once a year. But before they send paper and ribbon flying, make sure they are impressed with your professional-looking wrapping job with the unique Christmas gift box decorating ideas below!

1. Spread the festival cheer

These box designs take very little skill and time to create, and even your kids can get it on the fun. A DIY gift box with Christmas greetings or a cheerful message is a smart and sensible choice. These boxes can be used for office parties as well, and you can easily learn how to make one by checking out its online video tutorial. It is time to spread festive cheer in a custom Christmas gift box that makes your presents feel much more ornate and have a lot of fun.

Spread the festival cheer

2. ‘Tis the season by its unique colours

A Christmas gift box will not truly be complete without the signs of its colours since they go hand-in-hand. When Christmas is in the middle of winter and is dark and cold, several colours are traditionally associated with Christmas. Green and red represent hope and good luck, gold which is the fire’s colour that keeps us warm in the long dark winter, the white of purity, and so many other hues’ meanings. Whether it is a simple and elegant gift box or bag with some cool snowflakes on it or a more extensive Christmas Eve Box that looks both sensational and merry – a dash of red or green will bring everything alive and instantly put you in the holiday spirit!

paint it red or green

3. Showcase crafting skills 

Designing your Christmas gift box does not need to be all festive and over the top. You can still tap into the fascination of the latest vintage trend just by finding an old, used book, dusting it off real nice, giving it a facelift, and getting started right away. Even though we enjoy gift boxes crafted from paper rolls, cardboard, and wrapping paper, the vintage book gift box made by yourself takes the cake for both its uniqueness and the sheer wow factor.

show crafting skills 

4. 3D Christmas gift box

If you are looking for unique gift box ideas for kids? Instead of leaving the gifts inside, you can directly paste the gift outside with compact toys such as cars, crayons, or even some sweets so they can eat them up in the end. You can find a tutorial video online with ease to create an impressive pack of your Christmas gift box and greeting card. To do that, you can craft symbols representing this holiday, such as Santa Claus, pine trees, and chimneys. It is so adorable and simple where you can use your favourite colours of cover paper and ornaments to create your own designs. Write your blessings on the card and send it to your family and friends as a nice little handmade gift. No doubt they will love it!

impress recipient with 3D gift box

5. Christmas gift box from recycled kraft paper

A paper box design made entirely from available materials: kraft paper, adding a little stylization with white and red Christmas motifs. Plus a striking red ribbon is enough to create a personalized gift, isn’t it? Another idea: strings of Christmas lights are not just hanging from the ceiling, you can bring them into your Christmas gift box. What is better than receiving a kraft paper gift box with many bright and cheerful fingerprint “light bulbs” or blowing life into it with Christmas colours polka dots! Your loved ones will appreciate what you have prepared, so simple yet delightful.

gift box from recycled kraft paper

With all the inspiration around, we are sure you will come up with your own Christmas-themed Gift Box in no time. Starprint provides the solutions for your packaging. Feel free to check up on our work here, or if you have any concerns, do feel free to share it with us, and Happy Holidays!

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