Winning The High-end Customer’s Heart With The Luxury Packaging Design

High-end shopping is always an experience when customers are paying for more than a product. With a good luxury packaging design, you could turn users into a sensual journey, appeal to them to the innate human desire for physical awareness. 

What is Luxury Packaging 

Luxury packaging is designed and manufactured for a luxury product. This package is an integral part of the product. It reflects and conveys the soul of the brand. To complete the luxury packaging, people use speciality printing effects such as rigid construction, magnetic closures, foam or cloth interiors to hold the product. It implies much care is taken to present this product. It adds value to the product.

The Good Ways To Enhance Luxury For Your Packaging

The strategic positioning of luxury brands demand attention and are coveted for their often extravagant and lavish packaging designs. Whether it’s a cosmetic product, perfume or other retail product, packaging has to be love at first sight.

The structures, substrates, coatings, finishes and print effects are key to developing that one-of-a-kind covetable package. Here’s how to put that luxury spirit packaging.


Businesses spend huge amounts of money on visual design. But the way a product feels and behaves when touched is also the key factor that defines the value of this brand. To combine 2 demands, unique structures can help products stand out.

An innovative structure captivates shoppers at first glance. But structural design doesn’t end there. Designers of luxury packaging have to create a unique experience for the consumer. 

Wine box from Starprint Vietnam 

Luxury is synonymous with exclusivity. The delayed gratification triggers a process of user discovery by placing products at the end of an unveiling. While designing and selecting packaging for luxury products, it’s important to visualize the entire consumer experience – from holding the package to opening it.

Like holiday gifts, luxury packaging should begin to be opened. This requires a structure that is not just impressive, but also creates an experience and tells a story at the same time.

Luxury mooncake packaging from Starprint

Substrates that stand out 

Luxury brands are known for their lavish characteristics. For packaging, it’s important to create the right perceived value for consumers. 

Substrates play a strong role in delivering that image of prestige and premium. We can tap into exotic substrates which allows luxury brands to create uncommon packaging. From mylar/foil boards, leather to silk, wood veneers, canvas or speciality paper, packaging can be easily transformed into something luxurious by choosing just the right substrate.

Coatings, Inks and Varnishes create the luxury feel

Coatings, inks and varnishes serve to create the perfect backdrop for a brand. By collaborating with capable packaging companies, you can select from a wide array of coatings and finishes that create a look and feel of luxury. Coating effects to include:

Soft touch – for a velvety texture

Raised UV coatings – for a tactile and dramatic effect

Pearlescent coatings – for a shimmery appearance

Glitter coatings – for a stark and bold look

Matte varnish – for creating contrast against higher gloss elements

Metallic sheens – for creating a bold gold or silver effect

Product from Starprint

Applying speciality coatings and varnishes, such as the ones above, are an instant way to magnify the luxurious elements of any brand or product.

Post-press Effects

Post-press effects help luxury brands look more attractive. With an already impressive backdrop created by rich coatings and varnishes or a combination of coatings and finishes, post-press effects make artwork come alive. 

These effects such as embossing/debossing, foil stamping can create a unique, convey brand mark that consumers know and expect. The added touch of a luxurious tactile or visual effect created by embossing or foil stamping allows luxury brands to truly shine on store shelves.

Let the Packaging Shine

The secret to success for luxury brands is having the ability to exercise control. Not only developing a unique packaging design for their product but also ensuring it lives up to its name

You’ve got to create a package that draws them to you.

Choosing wisely and working with capable packaging manufacturers, luxury brands can ensure they deliver on all consumer expectations without losing sight of their own brand identity and story.

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