81% of consumers will choose to try new products because of the eye-catching packaging. This shows how important the packaging is in creating the first impression of interacting with the user. Many companies have recognized that investing in packaging is a golden opportunity to stand out, convey the brand’s story, and easily connect with buyers.

To create packaging products that catch up with trends and conquer the hearts of consumers, we can take a look at 4 packaging trends that will storm the global shopping market in 2021.


Sustainability is a keyword that the whole world is interested in. Many consumers will prioritize the choice of recycling solutions to protect the environment. Along with this trend, businesses started to use packaging made from recycled materials.

Conventional plastics may be replaced soon by natural materials. This helps brands strengthen their eco-friendly certification.

Cardboard is a popular recyclable material and is also a key part of many creative packaging designs.


In 2021, minimalism will still be a packaging trend that receives a lot of choices from users. In the eyes of many, simple looks represent transparency, trustworthiness. This is the sensory platform that brands are aiming to build relationships with customers.

Through simple design, health care and cosmetic products want to emphasize purity from structural ingredients. The less is more ideology is also expressed through the modern, moderate, and orderly visual effect of products on the shelves.

Less complicated packaging will be more environmentally friendly than complex packaging designed. It also focuses on representing product ingredients, which is associated with the sustainable trend.


Not only showing product information, but packaging also helps brands optimize the user experience with QR codes and AR technology. This is also a way for businesses to convey information about the purpose, sustainability and origin of a brand to users.

With the advent of 5G, packing AR is a wise move for businesses. However, this requires businesses to digitize processes and the advent of cloud services and software, creating some barriers for small organizations to invest in hardware.



In recent years, corporate social responsibility (CSR) is being used by many businesses to increase brand awareness. In many sustainable business practices, focusing on standard-sized packaging is a smart choice.


Overall packaging dimensions are designed to correct space, aiming to cut down on fill materials, paper waste. In particular, standard size packaging also helps increase delivery efficiency, reduce costs as well as carbon emissions when transporting goods.

Standard-sized packaging is also an effective solution for the e-commerce industry. With the growth of online shopping (now magnified by the epidemic), the need for lighter, smaller packaging will increase in order to optimize shipping costs.

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